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TV Broadcast & Cable Networks interview questions

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Have you ever made a mistake while calculating commissions for employees at your past job?

1 Answer

I answered that no, I have not. I understand that calculating commissions is very sensitive because people get upset if they get paid wrong so I make a point to be extra thorough when calculating them.

If you had to get rid of one of the United States which one would it be and why?

28 Answers

Write a power function power(a , b) returns a^b

7 Answers

Wasn't anything too difficult. Very laid back. Gave a good explanation of what I had to do. Being a huge wrestling fan I'm sure helped.

3 Answers

Have you worked with xyz software packages.

2 Answers

What would you name this function and how would you optimize it?

2 Answers

What's the angle between the hands of a clock if the time is 3:15.

3 Answers

Tell me about your work history

2 Answers

The Survey was really easy...

2 Answers

what does DNS stand for and what does it do

2 Answers
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