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Given n sets of choices: (1,2,3), (2,3,4), (4,5) You pick one element from each set of choices. Generate all possible picking.

10 Answers

You don't need depth-first or breadth-first.


why recursion? The following gives all possible pickings in list. A=[1,2,3]; B= [2,3,4], C=[4,5] list=[] for a in A: for b in B: for c in C: list.append([a,b,c])

Implement integer division without using / or %. Questions about running time. Can you do it faster?

6 Answers

In a binary integer value tree, find the lowest level common ancestor of two values.

7 Answers

Given a number n, give me a function that returns the nth fibonacci number. Running time, space complexity, iterative vs. recursive.

5 Answers

Given an array with all elements sorted on each individual row and column find the K-th smallest one

4 Answers

"Answer this question while I ignore you and then I'll criticize you for having not mentioned a solution...even though you did, which I ignored."

2 Answers

design a max stack using one stack, what are the language features that are missing in your favorite language, tree to a ordered doubly linked list

2 Answers

How can you improve Twitter?

2 Answers

screen phone

1 Answer

Maze generation

1 Answer
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