Ui Designer Interview Questions

Ui Designer Interview Questions

"When interviewing for a position as a UI designer, be prepared to answer questions about your work philosophy, how you strive to work with other team members, and be asked about how you would improve specific examples. Have a portfolio ready to show off your previous work and be enthusiastic and passionate about your work."

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UI User Experience Designer was asked...July 21, 2011

Who determines user standards, you, the company, someone else?

1 Answers

Usability standards are not established by a person or place, but it is what is adopted by the user community at large. It is difficult to change or establish new standards, but it is more important for usability to follow standards that are studied and identified by usability experts, such as Jakob Nielsen or Steve Krug. Less


My exercise was to redesign the Netflix homepage for desktop. The Global VP of Design at Spotify happens to be Rochelle King, formerly of Netflix. I thought that was clever.

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I asked questions about available user data and what problems we were trying to solve with the redesign. I proposed solutions and an additional recommendation to remove the horizontal scrolling rows. (Users expect vertical scrolling on the web, and using both vertical and horizontal scrolling requires users to move their viewport in two dimensions, which is difficult with a trackpad device or smaller viewport.) Less


How do you deal with a group of twelve or more people who all have a different opinion about what looks good and what doesn't

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One must establish what 'look and feel' works best for the end user, or target market. The purpose is to strengthen the brand, not necessarily try to design something that everyone is going to like. That's impossible to accomplish, it's just too subjective. It is better to instill better usability as a standard and use colors and graphics that are compelling but are not overstated. Always think of the old saying "form follow function." Less


Tell us why we should NOT hire you?

6 Answers

If you want to loose out on a great team meme we you should not hire me 😃

If your workplace ethics is very toxic, you can do me a great favor by not hiring me. This is because I don't function well in an environment where I couldn't walk up to a colleague asking for suggestions and feedback about my designs. Less

Thats upto you to find out :D

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Can you take these images and re-create this specific look in Sketch app? We need 3 different versions.

4 Answers

I was also given a task, which I did and which took me 2 days to finish. And I did not receive any feedback, not even a thank you. RED FLAG!!!!!! Less

I agree. I didn't apply in UI but I got similar task. When I got task from them, I was not willing to do it in the beginning. It would have taken me days to do it properly. I don't recommend applying for a position at this company. Less

Same here. But the worse thing is that I decided to make these websites and I managed to deliver a very nice looking websites and they contacted me two days later. Asked me to join to Telegram app to have a chat. Then pasted in long text (with other name not mine and then edited) where they said as a fact that I will need to do trial work so I can see how everything is fhere, colleagues etc. Once I told that this is not ok, they startet to scream at me and disconnected feom the chat. Is this something normal??? How they even still do business? Less

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Do you how to use Adobe XD

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The questions are easy. He asked me "do you know xxx(a celebrity)". I said no. "What do you refer to when design IOS and Android APP?" The design challenge is redesign "maaii", their product. Oh, yes, he emphasized: "the interfaces are ugly but they were not designed by me."

3 Answers

If the product can not be launched after 8 years, then I have no interested

This company is really a horrible place ! Glassdoor blocks a lot of real comments ! I have worked here for more than 1 years! People here doesn’t respect you at all! Creative director got fired because he is a liar! HR lead is super super rude when u resign, your boss is a monster! Less

Answer him as his way: Yes, that is my friend


if your design is not liked, what will do?

4 Answers

i put it into the dustbin but before that. i ask some question to the person who will reject it. 1 why your reject the design 2 what is the reason Less

But there could be another to reject, maybe I was not very clear about the project requirement, project goal. Less

Will ask question What is the reason to reject it

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Cardinal Health

What's your availability for next week?

3 Answers

Available today

Ready to work immediately!

I’m ready to work and join the team and be a tremendous asset!


I had to explain my process as a designer.

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Format 1: Discovery Define Design Deliver Format 2 Build Measure Learn Less

Brief, define, research, design , deliver

I started with an example of a recent project, how I approach it, all the steps involved and finding the best solution. Less

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