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None really, if you know what you do. They were all standard questions for UI. I do recall them asking me about my biggest challenge in past work.

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Been the only designer at various companies I had to do a range of work from Word procession to Front-end development and everything in between, which makes me a generalist and not a specialist.

What career path would I most want to follow: designing or developing? (This position is a hybrid role)

Waste an immense amount of time for us for free with this coding "exercise" then let us disregard our own documentation and tell you what you have done is wrong.

They asked me about backend technologies and I was unable to answer because that is out of my wheelhouse. I told them this and they laughed it off stating that they didn't know which position I was interviewing for.

Describe a situation were you encountered a problem with another employee and how you handled the situation.

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