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Write a function that determines which function is a mirror number. i.e. 12321 would return YES

5 Answers

function mirror(num){ len = num.length - 1; for(i=0; i<=len; i++){ if(num[i] == num[len - i]){ return YES; }else{ return NO; } } }

function mirror(number){ number=number.toString(); length=number.length-1; for(i=0;i<length/2;i++){ if(number[i]!=number[length-i]){ console.log('oops'); return false; } } console.log('Yes'); return 'yes'; } var ind=mirror(12321);

def mirror(num): li=list(num) length=len(li)-1 for i in range(length/2): if li[i]!=li[length-i]: print 'NO' return else: print 'YES' mirror('12321') mirror('12322') output - >>> YES NO >>>

Given an array of numbers (assume the array has three or more values, and they are indeed numbers), return an index, if one exists, where the sums of the elements on either side of that index are equal. eg. [2, 3, 4, 4, 1] given the function this array should return index 2 (element with value 4) because the sums on either side are equal (2 + 3 = 4 + 1).

9 Answers

How do you resolve an issue between the fixed business requirements and the ability of a system?

1 Answer

CORS, is it better server side or client side

1 Answer

Write a bind method that implements function currying

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Write a contains function in javascript

3 Answers

Nothing major. When I first got there they tried to give me an angular test on laptop. I had told them that I had very little knowledge of Angular. They did not listen very well. Heavy on whiteboard.

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Many non-technical questions had to do with encountering struggles and how I dealt with them.

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Write the HTML and backend code to a login page.

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Can you survive in cold weather?

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