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Write a function that determines which function is a mirror number. i.e. 12321 would return YES

6 Answers

function mirror(num){ len = num.length - 1; for(i=0; i<=len; i++){ if(num[i] == num[len - i]){ return YES; }else{ return NO; } } }

function mirror(number){ number=number.toString(); length=number.length-1; for(i=0;i

def mirror(num): li=list(num) length=len(li)-1 for i in range(length/2): if li[i]!=li[length-i]: print 'NO' return else: print 'YES' mirror('12321') mirror('12322') output - >>> YES NO >>>

Q: How would you create an app that is a data-dashboards app with multiple dashboards per user, each one having its own widgets which are all configurable – can resize and position them however you wish, and you can determine what data stream to be represented, how much of it, and in what way (e.g. line chart or bar chart)?

1 Answer

Q: How would you write a recursive function that takes a given number and sums all the numbers from itself down to 0?

1 Answer

Q: How would you go about adding feature X to [the app you built as homework]?

1 Answer

Can you survive in cold weather?

2 Answers

Q: Tell me 3 things that all object-oriented languages have in common.

1 Answer

Q: (Drawn on the whiteboard) Let’s say you’re a Person, and you have a certain relationship to Animal, Hat, Leg, & Escalator. What would you label each of those relationships? How would you order them, from 1–5, in terms of how tightly coupled they are (1 being most tightly coupled)?

1 Answer

Q: Given a certain relational database setup, let’s say we want to know the conversation rate for each device type (iPhone or iPad) across the A and B instances of some experiment named “New Experiment.” How would you write that SQL?

1 Answer

Q: Let’s say you come into the office and everything is chaos – we’re somehow charging everybody 10x what they should be charged. What do you do?

1 Answer

Q: If we pull the top 100 search results from 7 separate services, let’s say, and then pull those into a single service and want to return just the top 100 from all of those, how would you implement that?

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