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Write a function that determines which function is a mirror number. i.e. 12321 would return YES

5 Answers

function mirror(num){ len = num.length - 1; for(i=0; i<=len; i++){ if(num[i] == num[len - i]){ return YES; }else{ return NO; } } }

function mirror(number){ number=number.toString(); length=number.length-1; for(i=0;i

def mirror(num): li=list(num) length=len(li)-1 for i in range(length/2): if li[i]!=li[length-i]: print 'NO' return else: print 'YES' mirror('12321') mirror('12322') output - >>> YES NO >>>

How do you resolve an issue between the fixed business requirements and the ability of a system?

1 Answer

Write a bind method that implements function currying

1 Answer

Write a contains function in javascript

3 Answers

Many non-technical questions had to do with encountering struggles and how I dealt with them.

1 Answer

Asked about differences between having a REST API return XML and JSON and why you might want to use XML instead of JSON

1 Answer

How do you code a checker board?

1 Answer

Specify all the required programming/components necessary to add to an existing search box an auto-complete/related-search-terms drop down.

1 Answer

Given a struct of an x,y coordinate called point and a an array of point pointers write a routine that will return the indices of the two closest points in C

1 Answer

Given classes A,B,C. B is a subclass of A and C is a subclass of B. Why would you not call any virtual methods in any of their constructors?

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