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Given a struct of an x,y coordinate called point and a an array of point pointers write a routine that will return the indices of the two closest points in C

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Indices must be passed into the array, the routine must round-robin all of the points and calculate the euclidean distance between them. As the distance is being calculated keep track of the point indices that have the minimum distance. Assign them to the int pointers passed in and exit the routine. Not really too difficult, but a little stressful when put on the spot to write it on a whiteboard.

Given classes A,B,C. B is a subclass of A and C is a subclass of B. Why would you not call any virtual methods in any of their constructors?

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There was a question set up to elicit a basic discussion of linked lists vs. hashmap, to see if you could apply this knowledge practically. I don't remember the exact question.

They provided a computer and asked me to write functions for an array class, push, pop, etc.. I had some nervous energy during the interview and it took a while to get the endorphin's out of my system so I could type well. It was a little awkward writing code in front of 5 people but once my endorphin's were reduced I was able to write the code.

What’s something you’ve learned recently?

Typical data types, closure, UI design patterns, and a few "How would you build this?" questions. Nothing i thought was to hard.

I was asked about my JavaScript and CSS/SASS experience.

Implement a log_hit function for a website. Then record the total number of hits in the last five minutes and return the number. Given a dictionary, produce all valid 3, 4, and 7 letter words from a string of numpad digits i.e. 228 is "cat".

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Some topics that were covered: events, REST, hash tables, JS scope, pragmatic UI, systems design, algorithms, product taste, etc.

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