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Unarmed Private Security Guard was asked...May 30, 2013

What is the best procedure to take if you see someone suspicious lurking in the vicinity.

1 Answers

Document the time, description, be alert and notify supervisor.

Qatar Security & Guarding Service

who many types of fire . what is access control. what I do in emergency situation.

5 Answers

5 types of fire. to control the movement of people vehicle and material. show the people emergency exit . Less

5 types of fire.to prevent unauthorized access by persons or vehicle to premises and property,stay calm and inform my manager Less

1) 6types of fire and they all have their own approach when it out break 2) is the ability to controls an access point of a building or premises 3) lead everyone out of harms way and check if it’s fixable with my capacity Less

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U.S. Security Associates

Do you have your guard card?

3 Answers



Yes i sure do and almost have my Pistol permit and Interview at the sheriff department for my ccw Less

GSG Protective Services

Any previous security experience

3 Answers




Valley Wide Security

can you afford a $72 guard card, and another $27 for drugscreen/background check.

3 Answers

I guess...




Will you accept 12.00 per hour?

3 Answers

Hell no


No, horrible pay.


If I had problems working long hours.

3 Answers



I answered NO

Allied Universal

Where would you like to work?

2 Answers

What options are available?


Security Industry Specialists

how many year you've been doing security....... are you fluent in english.......can you stand for long hours..............Can you come on time every day, can you work with people, do you like team work, can you supervise etc...

2 Answers

I have over the 10 year experience security officer job and I can do duty 12hour then. I like team work Less

I have over the 10 year experience security officer work and I can do duty 12hour then. I like team work Less

Transcend Security Solutions

1) Report Writing: Read a mock incident and, write a security report that best summarizes the details (keep it short and sweet). 2) Online Training and Certification (depends on the contract, assignment or position you're applying for).

2 Answers

Easy-peasy. It was mostly common sense for me.

security is best. Every man need a basic needs such as food shelter and clothing after all this requirement is met all human need is safety and security. Without security life wil never be comfortable ..a Save soul is a hopful leader Less

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