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The questions were not difficult for the position. A lot on tax return analysis, as well as appraisal analysis. What are the three main types of appraisals?

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single family, condo, 2-4

Single family

Sales comparison approach; cost approach; income capitalization approach.

When reviewing an appraisal what areas would you be most concerned with.

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I was e-mailed a request for an interview early April for the end o the month. The hiring team allow you a great amount of time to prepare. On the day of the interview of the interview you will be briefed for 15 mins by a HR Recruiter and Underwriter. They will simply give you a more in-depth look int the position. The will give you great tips to focus on in the interview. Finally, your interviewer will come and get you, and the other few interviewees individually. This is the time to shine. Make sure you practice COMPETENCY BASED interviews. That is the type of interview you will have. Ensure that you refresh yourself on ways to answer, "Why are you considering leaving your current employer?" In a VERY concise manner, tell them about yourself. Remember to do something that will grab their attention and keep it relevant to the position. The questions are easy, just remember to focus on relating your work/experiences on those outlined in the job description. However, make sure you listen carefully and use the STAR method for each answer. After which, you will debrief with the managers that interviewed you, and then a HR Rep will come and go over benefits, and other details of the offer package. You will then receive your offer letter via e-mail between 7-10 business day later.

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1. Tell me a little more about yourself. 2. Give a specific example of how you have demonstrated your ability to handle multiple priorities and deliver results. Describe the situation and the manner in which you addressed it. 3. Do you know about the position you are applying for? 4. Tell me about what you did to prepare for today's interview. 5. Tell me about a time when you provided excellent customer service. *Two more customer service type questions I can't quite remember.

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How much do you want to make?

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I was asked "What I could bring to the table?" before I really knew what the position entailed. I explain that I had experience at multiple insurance agencies - all of which they performed underwriting for - and I have experience at all stages of the insurance process.

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What is a 1003?

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You have a birthday cake and have exactly 3 slices to cut it into 8 equal pieces. How do you do it?

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What is the difference between a person who mismanages debt and one who has excrutiating circumstances

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The policies and procedures test was a hard to me

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