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Wells Fargo
Underwriter I was asked...May 1, 2012

What makes you want to come to work in the morning?

1 Answers


The StoneHill Group

What HMDA stood for and meant

1 Answers

Home mortgage disclosure act, basically what it says, we disclose their home mortgage details or selections again in the beginning Less

Underwriter I was asked...September 16, 2015

How many golf balls can you fit in a 747?

1 Answers

Probably too many to accomplish take off!

Wells Fargo

Tell me about the most difficult on the job situation you had to deal with

1 Answers

I gave an example of difficult co workers

PNC Real Estate

Q: What do you know about this part of the bank?

1 Answers

I honestly don't remember exactly, but I had done a lot of research about this particular part of the bank and told them everything I knew. Less

Live Oak Bank

What is your biggest weakness and how do you over come that?

1 Answers

I tend to overthink things and I over come this by talking with my peers and getting their thoughts. Less

Anthem, Inc.

Do you prefer working on one policy at a time, or do you prefer working on an multiple polices, putting one down for a few days and picking it back up later?

1 Answers

Being that I have commercial lines underwriting experience, I'm used to working on renewals that may take a couple weeks to complete depending on the size and the number of coverages on the account. I also had polices that took an hour. I enjoy both. Less

Regions Financial

What publications are you currently reading that keep you up to pace in the financial industry?

1 Answers

WSJ, American Economist, Econ Journal

Wells Fargo

are you afraid to ask for help

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Wells Fargo

Describe a situation in which you were competitive

1 Answers

Coming from a sales background, I had to be competitive every day, but chose one situation in particular. Less

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