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Tell me about a time when you failed to meet a deadline.

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I've learned many things through my time here with Busch, and one of them was that we were all human and make mistakes sometimes. But, being perfect is something I am far from. When I was first hired as a part-time supervisor, I was given an assignment to make suggested editing changes to our Standard Operating Procedures manual, due by the end of the week to be given to the next supervisor for editing. I was known for my professional writing and eagle eye for grammar Nazi mistakes and punctuation errors. I had completely anticipated to finish the project within two days of it being assigned, however, due to obligations with school and other personal matters, I let it interfere with my work life and was unable to remember to finish this assignment. It was not turned in the day it was due and I received a counseling session as far as what was expected of me, and was given a one day extension. It was explained to me that I needed to learn a better balance with my personal life and my school life. I was given a one-day extension, to which I used the whole day to finish the assignment given and returned it to my supervisor. After disappointing them that time, when the second round of editing came around, a few months later, I made sure to have it turned in within hours of it being assigned to me, at the same time that I was able to balance my personal life and work life. It was an extremely positive lesson that I learned that I have carried on for further similar situations and has done me well.

It was a situation question if doctor, and phone ringing who would you attend to first?

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Would you be willing to take a pay cut?

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What would you do to prevent falls? Why do you want to work at Swedish?

What will I do when a disrespectful patient comes up to me and starts screaming at me?

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How do you handle tough patients?

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