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They ask me if I disagree with someone how do I aproach it?

1 Answer

I told them that I let them explain to me why they believe what is right the. I will explain what I think is correct. Then we should talk each other to agree with wan other if not, take a min to relax then talk about it again.

How can you organize folders?

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What makes you different than other candidates? What sets you apart?

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-What is my ultimate life dream?

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Do you know the physical fitness standards for the Air Force?

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Are you good at multi tasking?

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Tell us about a time you dealt with a difficult customer or staff member and how you dealt with it?

Name a time where you were working on a group project and it didnt go right and you had to step up and change the situation, name a time where you had to develop a marketing campaign and what were results, name a time where you had strict deadlines for a project an how did you meet them..etc

What do you know about us?

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