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What is the United brand and what does it mean to you?

27 Answers

What do you consider your greatest work accomplishment?

How did the F2F go?

Hi, when you get the invitation email for F2F interview, do you reply to the email to confirm your F2F date or call them?

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1.What would mike you a good (ideal) for the flight attendant position with United?

12 Answers

Tell us something we don't already know about you?

8 Answers

6.What else do you know United to know about you?

6 Answers

Watch a video and answer one yes or no question after you have watched it.

3 Answers

How would co-workers describe you?

2 Answers

I was not asked anything in my second language! Kind of disappointed that I didn't get to showcase that skill.

2 Answers

5.Describe a situation you wished you have handled differently.

2 Answers

3.How do you consistently provide exceptional customer service? 4. How would your co-workers and customers describe you?

2 Answers

Same questions as mentioned in previous threads. Mostly behavioral.

1 Answer