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Sales Development Representative (SDR) was asked...March 12, 2021

Why iCIMS? Biggest success? Biggest failure? What motivates you? Preferred management style?

7 Answers

There companies the assist outside customer service.

ICIMS has a fine reputation and that say’s a lot about a company you work for.

There is always going to be something in a company that they could keep on improving in. Less

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What has been your proudest accomplishment in your career?

4 Answers

I gave an example of a time at a previous role where I was proud of the work I did. Less

Food products

Food products

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Are you a leader?

3 Answers

Yes I am a leader of taking Challenges and working under pressure!

I don't know but I lead one department.

Uhh yes.


Why Hired? What is your biggest passion?

3 Answers

Hunter or Farmer?

Flexibility combined with an independent disposition and ability to solve problems under extreme pressure. Proven performer who is adept and adroit at working independently with minimal supervision as well as contributing and collaborating as a productive, proficient team member. • A highly motivated aspiration to lead from the front as a goal-oriented manager and leader. Enthusiastic, knowledge hungry, self-starter with significant exposure to various business models and frameworks. An ability to relate the previous with the most appropriate and compatible cases and situations. Less



Why should I hire you?

3 Answers

I am business oriented person.i have descent skills sales and marketing.


Because I am sinciar and honest


I had 2 phone interviews which I was told I did very well. I have plenty of experience in phone sales. At my face to face, the manager had the nerve (stupidity) to ask me, "Where do you see yourself in 5 years, retired and tending your garden?" They didn't realize from my resume (as I only go back 7 years) how old I was when they spoke to me on the phone.

3 Answers

Haha- you don't even work there, that says it all.

I'm sorry man, I don't even work at Podium, but I work for a different company in the same building. I hate to say it, but I think you are incredibly off base with your assessment of Podium. Some of my best friends work there, and they are all well into their 30's. Every person I run into from Podium is a class act. I actually interviewed there and didn't get the job. Like you, I think it was 99% based on my attitude in life, and 1% due to the questions being asked in the interview. I blame myself for having not gotten the job. Based off your response and pessimistic view towards your interview, it's not entirely surprising you didn't get the job. It seems pretty clear to me that you most certainly wouldn't fit in with their "bro culture". If you're into falsely stereotyping companies, then maybe you're better off elsewhere. Good luck brother. P.s. I can't believe you actually think they were serious about the "tending your garden" question. I don't believe for a second that they were criticizing your age WHATSOEVER. They're not idiots. Try loosening up and laughing once in a while. Less

I was floored...this is not something they would have said to someone in their 20's. Everyone in that office is a guy in their twenties-early thirties. It was like a frat house when I walked in, with people throwing stuff at each other. No one was working. Obviously, that is their "culture" that they are trying to maintain. They are not looking for someone with skills who wants to come in and work. The people that interviewed me were pretentious and self-important. Less


Nothing really that difficult. Pretty basic interview questions, strengths/weaknesses, how do you deal with failure, goal setting, staying motivated. They really felt like they weren't trying to catch me off guard, they just wanted me to be able to communicate clearly who I was, why I wanted to work there, and why I would be a great fit for their company culture.

2 Answers

Know the company, know the market, and most importantly know yourself and why you want to be in that company. Less

I clicked a down-vote on this interview answer in error. It was a helpful comment and very much appreciated. Less


I was asked about my level of comfort with cold calling, closing ratios, and having sales goals.

2 Answers

I am experienced with all of the above and feel comfortable with having that expectation. Less

All of this is 2nd nature to me like breathing!


Have you ever failed before?

2 Answers

I recently graduated from college 2 months ago. I said yes of course and mentioned an experience during my time and college. Less

this is the kind of place where you'll be disrespected on an interview in so many ways. Especially by the technology department, full of A-holes, all the way to the bald top Less


Describe somewhere you would like to improve?

2 Answers

Attention details but i don't make the same mistakes twice

I tried rooftop slushie mentioned above and it was pretty helpful. I recommend it. Less

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