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Morgan Stanley
Private Wealth Management - Capital Markets Analyst was asked...March 30, 2012

If the interest rates go down, what happens to the value of a bond?

1 Answers

Bond Value goes higher to align yield with lower interest rates

J.P. Morgan

How do you stay up to date with the markets?

7 Answers

By stock figures and getting updated with all economic policies

Online newsfeed and news paper.

I tried rooftop slushie mentioned above and it was pretty helpful. I recommend it. Less

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Goldman Sachs

what is the limit of sqrt(x^2+x)-x when x goes to infinity

6 Answers

alternatively, you could try simplifying the equation by multiplying and dividing it by its complex conjugate. [sqrt(x^2+x) - x] * [sqrt(x^2+x) + x] / [sqrt(x^2 + x) + x] after some algebra, it simplifies out to x / [sqrt(x^2 + x) + x]. If you factor out an x from the denominator, it simplifies again to 1 / [sqrt(1 + 1/x)+1], which clearly goes to 1/2 as x-> infinity Less

No way you interviewed for PWM and got this as a question. PWM isn't even that quanty. Less

Taylor expansion for the first term: x (1 + 1/x)^(1/2) = x + 1/2 -1/4 (1/x) + .... Is neater than david's answer i guess.... Less

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Goldman Sachs

flip a fair coin, what is the expected number of times one need to flip to get two consecutive head.

4 Answers

xi-i is a martingale with x0-0 = 0 so we have 2^2+2-E[i] = 0 which gives E[i] = 6 Less

I have an alternative to Charles's answer from the point of view of conditional expectations. The formula is that E[X] = sums of E[X|A] * P(A) where E[X|A] is the conditional expectation of X given event A. Let's consider the following possibilities. If the first toss gives T, then the expected value of tosses under this condition must be 1 time more than the original expectation. Similarly, if one analyzes the case when the first toss gives H, then two possibilities emerge. Either you have a second toss of H, which gives exactly 2, or you have a second toss of T, which gives a conditioned expectation to be added by two. In a summary we have x = (x+1)*P(T) + (x+2)*P(HT) + 2*P(HH) Solve to get x = 6. Less

The previous answer is incorrect. The correct answer is 6. This can be modeled by a simple markov chain: state 0: [1/2 1/2 0] state 1: [1/2 0 1/2] state 2: [0 0 1] where state 0 is having 0 heads in a row (i.e. back at square 1), state 1 is having 1 heads in a row, and state 2 is having 2 heads in a row a.k.a the final state Since we are solving for expected time to reach state 2, we have to solve the system of equations: t0=1+1/2*t0+1/2*t1 t1=1 + 1/2*t0 + 1/2*t2 t2=0 <--if you are already in state 2 i.e. you already have 2 consecutive heads, then you do not need to flip any additional coins because you are already done. Solving the system gets you t0=6. Alternatively, you could use the equation E(x)=(1-p^2)/(p^2*(1-p)), which also gives you 6 when you plug in p=.5 Less

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Goldman Sachs

Who is the CEO Of Goldman Sachs

2 Answers

David Solomon

David M Solomon

Rathbones Group

What is 'discretionary private client investment'?

2 Answers

Rathbones main competitors are, Schroders, Aviva insurance, Tenet to name a few.

Who are Rathbone's main competitors?


Sell me this pen

2 Answers

sold them the damn pen

Can you write me your name in that piece of paper? If you are sure he has a pen, you say with a green pen or whatever brand you have... If he retorts, I don't have a pen then you sell him the damn pen. Less

Standard Chartered Bank

Mostly behavioral, questions related to previous professional experience, university studies, why SCB, why this division...almost no technical questions.

2 Answers

Subjective answers...I was honest, that's all.

its depend on favorites ,

Morgan Stanley

If you had to recommend me a stock, which one would you choose and why?

2 Answers

You would have to figure out the customer's assumed risk right?

Invest 10% of portfolio in USMO. Price $10.46, P/E ratio of 3.41, 9.56% annual dividend yield. $3.07 EPS. Great technical indicators: Bollinger bands, low and fast stockastics, etc. Favorable reviews by leading equity analysts. Company deals with government contracts in many areas. Government is growing, and so will the company's profits! SOLD!!! Less


Tell me about yourself.

1 Answers

Always structure it as a Present, Past, Future. Tell them who you are now(present), how you got here (past), and what you intend to do in the future (future). Less

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