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Unix Interview Questions

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How can you move multiple files(more than 500) to remote location

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What is the command to display a routing table?

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The response was quick (it was an employee referral), the Recruiter did not brief me about the role or team, but asked me talk (talk and not a interview) to the Hiring Manager the same evening for 15-20mins to get to know more about the company, team and role. And so the Hiring Manager calls me in the evening. He does not introduce himself except for his name. The next question was, "what are you currently working on?". I explained him about my role, product, technology and some features I am working on, taking 2-3 mins. And then the firing begins. In the next 20 to 22 mins he asks me about 35 questions! Well was it a rapid fire round?!? It was simply disgusting. He hardly had any telephone etiquette either. When I tried answer a question in detail or with an example, he often cut short me saying, "leave it" (well, I knew what I was talking). He remarked C++ was not a Object Oriented Language. While trying to explain pros and cons of Java and C++, he cut me off and asked, "okay, then tell me the difference b/w overriding and overloading". He kept on throwing question at me just like a rapid fire round in a Quiz competition. None of them were related to DataStructures, Algorithms, Design like the regular interview question. Midway, he asked - "Do you have any questions for me?". I thanked him for asking and told him that, I had not spoken to the recruiter and asked him to brief me about the team, technology and role. To which his response was, "We work heavily on Java. Everything is on Java a lot of it". And that is all he said....At some point I really wanted to cut the call and call it, the end. If he is a Java/J2EE guru so be him. I was not trying to get any certification here. One of his questions goes like this..... "You have developed on Unix right. So, tell me the command to kill a process in Unix". I disliked the way the question were put or even the transition from one topic to other. In short, this was the worst interviewer I have ever spoken to in my 8+ years of Development career. And never expected it would be from Disney! Aside: While interviewing candidates, I have always received guidelines and training from my Manager and HR on how and what to talk to an candidate. An interviewer is a representative of the Company. And in this case he was a Manager. Well, I thought the title comes with some respectable qualities and much better presentation.

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give me the class diagram of a unix file system

Parameters for unix shell commands to test fluency in unix shell

Unix based questions - how would you replace a word in a file..grep etc.

Describe the shells in unix.

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What administrative programs have you performed in UNIX?

What are Java, SQL, and Unix? (three separate questions from phone interview)

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