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Unix Interview Questions

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Last year my team had to remove all the phone numbers from 50,000 Amazon web page templates, since many of the numbers were no longer in service, and we also wanted to route all customer contacts through a single page. Let's say you're on my team, and we have to identify the pages having probable U.S. phone numbers in them. To simplify the problem slightly, assume we have 50,000 HTML files in a Unix directory tree, under a directory called "/website". We have 2 days to get a list of file paths to the editorial staff. You need to give me a list of the .html files in this directory tree that appear to contain phone numbers in the following two formats: (xxx) xxx-xxxx and xxx-xxx-xxxx. How would you solve this problem? Keep in mind our team is on a short (2-day) timeline

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is there another way to find disk usage besides du?

How do you find out how many cpu's your linux machine is using and are they physical or virtual?

Describe the shells in unix.

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Unix based questions - how would you replace a word in a file..grep etc.

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