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Elder Care Alliance
Activity Director/Skilled Nursing Facility was asked...April 20, 2013

How would I deal with or resolve issues with caregivers (CNA's) who didn't want to let the activities be done? This was a tricky question as the CNA's are under the RN, not under the activity director.

1 Answers

Unfortunately, this happens from time to time. If a CNA is preventing an activity from occurring, it has to be reported to the R.N. In most facilities that take medicare/medicaid, activities programs are required by the state. So this would be considered insubordination and should be grounds for dismissal. In a work environment that has different departments, it is extremely important to understand it is much more beneficial to work with each other than against each other. Less

MBK Senior Living

What is one thing I have done in the workplace to contribute to a more positive environment?

6 Answers

I have brought in new clients and perform a plus service to seal the deal. I was promoted to senior consultant within two weeks of employment Less

Brought smiles on the faces of clients

I worked for Smith's Food and Drug for 11year's. I have helped many of customers in so many different ways. The best thing was they smiled and came back to shop at the store many times. Less

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Methodist Children's Home Society

Tell me about your background

3 Answers

As you can see from the negative comments about this CEO, your experience should not surprise you. He is a liar and a master manipulator. Less

ceo of this agency is a joke. he is the one that leave positive reviews about himself and the agency pretending to be a regular employee, everyone knows its you KR, you are a liar, deceitful and you make things up as you go along Less

i just noticed most negative comment has been taken down, it is about the ceo being a con man and making up positions. totally true, this ceo is a sneak and liar. he gets his millenials to make up positive reviews for him as well as making up his own positive reviews...YOU KNOW YOU ARE LEAVING POSITIVE REVIEWS ABOUT YOURSELF ROACH....ITS HILARIOUS Less

Greenfield Senior Living

What would your planning process look like from start to finish for a special program or event?

3 Answers

How would you manage critical feedback from the residents?

I would start with planning the month out on a activity calendar. As we did the activities I would learn if the activity was working out or not. If the activity wasn’t a big hit, possibly we might not put it on the calendar again. Less

I would take the residents feedback truthfully, knowing that they were competent enough to provide feedback. I would take it into consideration. For example if they didn’t like a certain activity, I would maybe not do it so often or possibly remove it from the future activities and calendar. Less

Grace Home Health Care

How to handle a physical altercation between two seniors/

3 Answers

Defuse the situation sit down and talk to each individual to come up with a solution. Less

I will try sit down and talk to them both individuals to try solve the problem.

Try to separate them, and talk to them

What are your skills?

2 Answers

I was honest and positive with my answer. Always be friendly and positive

Some of my best skills I would say are that I’m a very patient and responsible person. Im a good planner and good listener, which I believe is a good thing to posses when working with elderly. I’m very kind and I really do enjoy working with the elderly and disabled community. Less

Disney Cruise Vacations

"Where are you looking to go in your career?"

2 Answers

Suggested answer: I 've got tired of jumping from place to place and would like to settle in one good company, as I feel yours is, for long-term employment if I am given a chance and everything works fine for both of us. Less

My answer to this, coupled with my 'all over the place' job history on my resume is what I think sealed the deal. I don't know what to suggest, except just be aware it can kill your chances. Less

Presbyterian Communities and Services

Why do you want to Go into nursing?

2 Answers

It's my passion.

I’d like to work here because I have a passion and enjoy working with elderly and disabled communities. I enjoy being able to provide activities and events for residents to enjoy. I’d say one of the best things about working at a nursing home is hearing the resident stories or knowing that you might be the reason they laughed or smiled today. Less

Central Baptist Village

Can you lift 50 pounds every day multiple times per day, including tables by yourself four times a day?

2 Answers

I can list 40 pounds but not 50 pounds.


Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Describe yourself in 3 positive words.

2 Answers

positive: take the initiative-when I see issue that could be a problem I volunteer a suggestion-for example during a recent activity at my summer job I could see the head teacher was going to have to keep talking to one disruptive student so I asked if I could take him outside and she said yes so we stayed outside for a few moments until I felt he was ready to go back to class organized and detailed-as a tutor I kept a binder with each student's work, progress notes, attendance and monitor marks kids get for good behavior as an afterschool instructor activity planning-I have become better at using school resources and internet to develop activities for students work on: overworrying-sometimes I overworry about what needs to be done but it helps me get started sooner volume of voice-sometimes when the class gets too crowded or there is an exceptionally difficult student I may feel unable to handle the situation effectively but I am beginning to follow the techniques other teachers use such as using a firm voice to get attention if needed then use one of their attention getters Less

I used words like patient, empathetic, enthusiastic, etc. Think about what parts of your personality would make you great to work with kids. Less

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