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Administrative assistant Interview Questions in United States

Administrative assistant Interview Questions in United States

Executives count on administrative assistants to keep busy schedules and company activities as clear and easy-to-navigate as possible. Expect questions about your organizational, time management, and communication skills. Many of these questions will be story-based, so come ready to explain a time when you successfully juggled multiple deadlines or were able to handle difficult customers at the front desk. Though these interviews focus primarily on soft skills, you may be asked to answer a question about your ability to use basic administrative software.

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How did you design a performance management system? And was it successful? Why or why not?

2139 Answers

"One size, does not fit all" I designed a performance management system where the business/strategic goals were aligned with the HR Department's goals as to measure the success of each employee and help improve the process and procedures. It was successful because the turn-over rate decreased, productivity increased, and sales were booming!

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Explain reasonable accommodation in regards to the ADA.

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How would you handle a situation where you have a client who interrupt your existing interaction with a client?

844 Answers

How experienced are you in Excel?

44 Answers

what do you bring to the table what skills do you have

37 Answers

What was your biggest achievement? Tell me a time where you made a mistake and how did you fix it? How do you decide which task is more important to take first?

43 Answers

How would you handle an upset patient coming up to the front desk and complaining?

34 Answers

How do you accomplish your daily duties when there are frequent interruptions?

6 Answers

How would you handle multiple projects and deadlines from different supervisors?

27 Answers

describe a time where you had to handle a conflict with a guest/client

75 Answers
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