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Give me an example of difficult or failing project and how did you change the outcome. Give examples of the direction you had taken

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I gave a project where the local jurisdiction was holding up permitting. I let him know who I recruited as a resource and all of the steps we had taken to get the permit in hand and what I did to get the project back on track

Math Problem: You have an upstream Picking department that feeds two downstream packing departments: A and B. 75% of your Pick volume goes to department A, which has a packing rate of 150 unites per labor hour (uph). 25% of the Pick volume goes to department B, which is for large items, and has a pack rate of 25 units per labor hour. Your pickers pick both large and small items throughout the day at an overall average rate of 100 units per labor hour. You have 25 people today for all 3 departments, and you absolutely must pack 7,500 units in department A to meet a customer promise metric. How do you allocate labor to balance the flow in your department if you work a 10 hour shift? Do not assume breaks or lunches in your answer. Department % of volume Rate (uph) People Daily Volume Pick 100% 100 ?? ?? Pack A 75% 150 ?? 7,500 Pack B 25% 25 ?? ??

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You have 25 laborers for a shift. Pickers pick 100 units an hour Small item packers pack 150 units an hour Large item packers pack 25 units an hour You must pack 7500 small units during a ten hour shift. How would you staff your shift?

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1. You have a team of 30, they get 2x 15 min breaks a day, 2 people can't work the floor each day, each person processes 150 units and hour. how many units processed in 1 week

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You have have 2 Delivery guys and 3 orders in different route. executive need to pick orders from different hotel but only one at a time. how do you manage the time so that orders are delivered in minimum time

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2 employees show up late, one reports to you and the other reports to another area manager. you dock your employees pay but the other doesn't get docked. what do you do? Follow up question: you find out the other employee is having financial struggles and really needs help, what do you do then?

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You have 30 team members working 8 hour shifts, 5 days per week. 2 team members need to be non producing Your direct rate is 150 hours There are two 15 minute breaks per day How many units will your team produce in a 40 hour week?

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Why do you want to work for this particular company? Their looking for passionate people to join the industry; if you don't like cars don’t bother to interview because you will be found out very quickly.

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Describe a time you managed a difficult team.

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There are two employees who carpool to work: one works for another manager, and one works for you.They are half an hour late one day. On their next paycheck, the employee working for the other manager gets paid for half an hour more than the employee who works for you. Your employee asks you why the other employee was paid and they were not.

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