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Interviews for attendant positions focus on your interpersonal skills, ability to follow procedures, and your ability to work on a team. Expect questions that center around dealing with difficult or disruptive customers, how you deal with long flights and being away from home, and your customer service skills and experience.

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Top Attendant Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top attendant interview questions and how to answer them:

Question 1: How will you handle an emergency during a flight?

How to answer: The interviewer wants to know that you can stay calm and follow protocol during an emergency. Discuss correct safety practices and how you will remain calm to make sound decisions. If you have experience in dealing with emergencies, a short example will help this answer.

Question 2: How did you resolve a conflict with a demanding or irate customer?

How to answer: Focus on how you resolve customer conflict while remaining calm and professional. If you've never been a flight attendant, highlight a time in a previous job where you had to address a customer or interpersonal issue.

Question 3: How does our airline stand out from others?

How to answer: Interviewers want to know if you will fit well with their airline's operations. Do your research beforehand and pay attention to its hubs, how many airports it serves, and the airline size. Mention the mission statement and company values and how they match what you're looking for in a flight attendant job.

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ExpressJet Airlines
Flight Attendant was asked...September 16, 2012

Situation: If you were working and there was a passenger complaining about sitting next to someone of a different race, how would you handle it?

8 Answers

I would smile and apologize for the inconvenience, check for any open seats in higher class available. I would then tell the passenger of a different race that we have seats available in higher class would you mind seating there. And apologize for the situation that was caused. Making sure both parties are comfortable Less

I would kindly pull them aside and connect with the passenger and say you know I’m so sorry for the inconvenience and if there was a way I could change your seat I would but can I offer you something to drink or a snack ? Less

Change their seats if there are some available

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US Airways

Tell me about a time when your job was frustrating and what did you do about it?

5 Answers

I like to handle things in a calm and gentle as I can. I normally don’t like drama and I would always address things in a respectable manner to ensure everyone’s safety. for example if someone was drunk on the plane, I would offer them water and make sure they kept hydrated, give them a hot towel and say I’m sure this happens to everyone and that is ok. Let’s get you comfortable and to ensure that you feel better as soon as possible. Less

At this situation, I first calm down and try to control the passenger

How long does it take to get the F2F?

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Care Animal Hospital

Have you ever worked with animals before? Do you own/take care of any animals?

2 Answers

I own a cat and dog at home, both of which I take care of on my own.

Yes, Luckily, the dogs were small enough that I could pull them apart without causing myself any harm. I relocated them to kennels on opposite sides of the room and made sure they didn’t share the same place space again. Less

Alicia Pet Care Center

Does constantly cleaning up vomit, diarrhea, and urine make you no longer interested in the job?

1 Answers

I understand that taking care of animals is a messy business, and I am used to it because I have several pets at home. It will not be a problem. Less

Split Rock Resort

What skills do you have that will help you in this job?

1 Answers

Being a people person, sports minded, and creative.

Palisades Tahoe

How will you make our team successful?

1 Answers

Understanding that my job does not end and begin with only the responsibilities of the title I was hired under. Less

Palisades Tahoe

What does customer service mean to you?

1 Answers

Part of customer service is understanding that you represent the brand of the business at all times when you are on property and being a great example of the brand. Less

Delta Air Lines

Create a PA Announcement for couple celebrating their 50th year anniversary

252 Answers

Describe a conflict that you had with a manager, how did you handle it? How was it resolved? The Situation my co-workers and I were participating in a training exercise I was being tested along with others on giving intramuscular injections. The Task I had to do was to give a patient a shot intramuscularly, and I thought I did well. But my manager said although I injected correctly my technique was wrong. I was embarrassed and hurt by the comment she’d made in front of my co-workers. The Action after training exercise had ended I asked if I could speak with her privately, she agreed. I explained to her I felt embarrassment and hurt by what she said and how she said it in front of my peers, she explained she didn’t intentionally mean to hurt or embarrass me in front of my peers she was just trying to make a bold statement in order to teach my peers and myself the importance of good safety practices. I listened and understood what she had to say and it made sense. I asked her what I could do to get my technique better she gave a few pointers. The Result was the next time that I gave the injection she was there to observe and she said it was perfect. Less

Hello guys!! just wanted to share something with you all. i recently interviewed with delta and was given a conditional job offer pending a background check in mid sept 2015.. Never give up just keep studying and researching the interview process. it took me three times to finally be offered a position. I know it can be nerve racking but, if this is something you really want you'll never let a couple of rejections get in your way. there looking for someone energetic and outgoing, this was an obstacle for me because ive always been somewhat of an introvert . just practice in a mirror!! the introduction part of the process is very important you have to be able to talk in front of a crowd. my advice to you is to keep a smile on your face at all times even, when others arent smiling it will make you stand out ,study the star method, talk to as many of the flight attendants and HR people as possible, Make sure you memorize at least 5 questions to ask them (even if you have to ask them all the same questions atleast ur showing effort and interest), dress professionally and neatly, practice ur posture and most importantly stay calm, cool and collected!! if youve had an interview and failed the first time or second time take a page from my book and try again. And, if this is ur first go at it i wish you the best!! Less

Is anyone going oct 13th at 12:30?

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American Airlines

It was mainly situationals and behavioral questions.

139 Answers

Just took the VI and these are the questions I received. I hope this helps someone! -Tell us about your current work experience and how it's prepared you to be a flight attendant. -Describe a time you dealt with an upset customer and how you handled it What excites you about moving to a new city? Describe your best customer service experience you received. Can you adhere to the no tattoos, piercing, or extreme hairstyle policy? What made you want be a flight attendant with American? Less

Chantelle so many on Fb! Where you from?

It doesn't say anything for mine :(

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Delta Air Lines

Two separate personality assessments

86 Answers

hi I filled out my application on the 25th and did the 2 assessments and filled out the extremely detailed application also. i haven't heard anything back from them yet either. Good Luck to you, keep us updated on the process and I will do the same. Less

I also applied under employee referral. I think that when you do that, they automatically send the assessments as I completed the entire process in less than an hour. Good luck everyone! Less

I also applied for this position , July 27 th without a referral , I did 2 personality assessment my status says under review haven't heard anything from them ... Sending positive thoughts and energy out there !! We will get the job !!!!! Less

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