Business Development Manager Interview Questions in United States

Business Development Manager Interview Questions in United States

"Business development managers work to expand their company's business, so employers are looking for go-getters who can identify promising opportunities, manage partner relations, and successfully implement partnerships into current business models. In an interview, expect to be quizzed on your analytical, interpersonal, and management skills. You may be asked to evaluate a prospective market or pitch an unorthodox business to the executives of a company."

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Top Business Development Manager Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top business development manager interview questions and how to answer them:

Question #1: How would you describe your management and communication style?

How to answer: A business development manager works closely with many different people inside a company while also being highly independent. Provide examples to the interviewer that show that you can pursue leads and develop relationships with potential clients while also working within the framework of a team. Hiring managers want to know you can balance collaborative and independent work.

Question #2: How do you measure success?

How to answer: While each company sets its own KPIs, this question allows you to demonstrate your flair and motivation for success. Highlight whether you prefer to pursue new business or close deals. Explain which parts of the sales pipeline bring you the most satisfaction and what a successful deal looks like to you.

Question #3: How do you evaluate a market opportunity?

How to answer: Since this role requires critical thinking, the interviewer may ask you to evaluate or propose a market opportunity. Research the areas that the company is already working in and prepare two or three ideas for new clients or market opportunities. Your answer doesn't have to be pitch-perfect. You should demonstrate that you have done your research and that you can critically assess a potential market. Feel free to be creative but always relate your evaluation to the success of the company.

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Carnow, Conibear & Associates
Manager of Business Development was asked...September 27, 2014

What would you do to grow our business. How would someone know this if they were not from that industry.

3 Answers

The COO or what ever he's calling himself was a joke. He knew very little of the business and wanted everyone out of the firm that realized he was an insecure buffoon. The owner needed a son more than a leader. Less

Out of the box thinking ideas come to people who are not from that business. Also the ideas that worked in other industries that we can use here. Less

I would examine your 80/20 and profit margins and make determinations of where we were wasting our time and focus on the 80/20. The COO could not tell me event when I was hired what these were and he labeled himself as a numbers guy. What a joke. Less


Tell me about a time you used analysis to make a business-critical decision. Walk me through the analysis and outcome.

2 Answers

So is this a kind of Leadership Principle questions? Thank you for sharing your experience. Wondering have you tried Rooftop Slushie for your interview prep? I saw some posts similar with your experience - which are really useful for me so far. Less

I analyzed the output of all the machines on our factory sales floor and determined what the bottleneck machines were. I put in a request to purchase more of the bottleneck machines. The new machines alleviated the bottleneck in production, drastically speeding up the total output of the factory in the process. Less

Cisco Systems

What markets do you think Cisco should get into and why?

2 Answers

Webex: extend product and bring out a competing product for zoom, whatsApp. They have the technology, just need a data-center to support that free app scale. It will double their stock in 1-2 years. Less

Cisco is already touching the SMB and consumer segment, esp. with its managed services. Public TelePresence at a low enough price would be extremely attractive to consumers in less developed areas. With Cisco's experience in using games to promote its products, offering game hosting as a managed service is not such a big leap. Less

Miracle Software Systems

1. Do you have experience selling software? 2. Are you comfortable with travel? 3. How do you feel about training others and/or are you willing to train others? 4. Why are you leaving your current place of work? 5. Without given a contact name or contact number for a company what are your procedures to obtain the information of a decision maker?

5 Answers

To be honestly i don't have an experience on selling software but i can do it as u are expecting on me Less

Yes I'm comfortable on traveling and i love it

Training to others is a good thing i feel proud about on it

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Square Yards

Can you work more than 10 hours every day ?

5 Answers


I have already worked there and it's slavery job go and exp it


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Why do you want to get in health care industry

4 Answers

To grow more and improve my self with new things to succeed my goal

My interest is in skin hair from my first job

Iam interested in this feel

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Parle Agro

How to Develop Brand Availability

5 Answers

Ensuring Maximum Placement of the product in all outlets.


Consistently reach potential buyers

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Convince them that i am appropriate for the roll

4 Answers

It's 'role', not 'roll'. Lucky for you they hired you based on your coomunication Less

My knowledge includes generalisation in a lots of field . I have diversified skills in a lots of subjects. I am an MBA graduate in dual degree program HR and supply chain management and I am also a professional interior designer, graphic designer, digital marketer, SEO content writer , UIUX designer . I am overall a tech savvy person and can develop great profitable business ideas with the addition of technology. Less

Communication, sorry

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Delta Balustrades

Who are you?

4 Answers

Personal traits and qualities

And you are also a brethren company who are well known for their discriminatory values and opinions who also pay different rates to brethren/non-brethren staff performing the same role Less

Please state the nationalities of employees/ experience/ qualification and to what capacity they operate at within delta?? Less

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DSV Air & Sea

can you speak English?

4 Answers

Yes, I can.

yes, my dreams are in English Language.

Yes sure I can

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