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Consulting Interview Questions in United States


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What are the three most important qualities in a leader?

19 Answers

Accept responsibility for others, lead by examples and team work

Accept responsibility for others , mostly lead by example for teamwork . Teamwork makes dreamwork .

Honesty and Dedication

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If a company is experiencing a decrease in profits but they have not incurred any new costs, what is the problem?

13 Answers

Why should Deloitte invest in you?

9 Answers

How many KFCs are there in Hong Kong?

8 Answers

The Case - Wasn't hard but sometimes it can be difficult to know what they are exactly looking for.

5 Answers

How many baseball's can you fit on a 747?

4 Answers

An insurance company only makes a payout when damage is above 1000. Only 50% of the damage above 1000, including the 1000 is paid out. If the payout was 1250, what was the damage?

4 Answers

Explain the difference between TCP and UDP

4 Answers

Market sizing, english

5 Answers

Why should qcom hire you ?

6 Answers
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