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Print and Digital Graphic Designer was asked...July 21, 2015

What level of (Javascript) coding experience do you have?

1 Answers

None, but I am willing to learn!

Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services

Do you know anything about Chartwell Higher Education?

1 Answers

I was ready for this one. I did lots of research on the company. " brief who they are, what they do, and also spotted some error on their website and brought them up. I gave her solution to their problems and how i would go about it. " she response with " We are currently going thru a re-branding" that's why its like that. Less

BlueTriton Brands

Describe a situation that was particularly challenging for you and how you overcame it.

1 Answers

Be sure to express your professional personality traits (passion, desire to learn and grow etc.0 in addition to your skills. Less


Everyone asked me if I had a sense of urgency.

1 Answers

I don't like to miss deadlines and if something comes up that is of high importance, then I prioritize it appropriately. Less


What is your design process?


What programs do you use to design?

What experience do you have in marketing?

14 Answers

Between the age of 14 and 17 I volunteered I’m football and did a lot of social media and posters because I was good at it. This gives me the knowledge to increase your following and better analytics overall. I explained my personality and why I would suit a 8:30 to 4:30 day with events on at the weekend. Less

i want play porn maybe help me ? i like this job

Yes I want play porn I interested I like very I am young age and I am from Pakistan please contact with me my number 03117977424 please Less

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Create a 8 input AND gate using 3 4:1 muxes

8 Answers

Without an enable bit on at least one of the mux's the maximum inputs would be 7. Less

I don't see it being possible with three standard 4-1 muxes... Using 4, this question is straight forward... The two selects of each mux are your 8 inputs... tie out put of each mux to the (11) case input to the mux. Less

We need 3 4:1 MUX and a And gate. Are we allowed to use 'and' gate?

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In a basket there are 2 red apples and 98 green apples;1 red apple is removed,how many green apples must be removed to make it 96% of total apples are green apples

6 Answers

74 green apples have to be removed

3 green apples to be removed

2green apples must be removed with remaining 1 red apple.

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Why Nickelodeon? / What is your favorite Nick show

5 Answers

Nickelodeon is a fast growing channel in Kenya. Many teenagers love the shows on Nickelodeon including me. My favourite show is Henry danger. Less

I want to be an actor at nickelodeon and my favourite show is danger force 🙋🙋🙋😳😳 Less

Please l have whated to work with nickelodeon for alone time please hire me for nickelodeon and my favourite show is danger force please contact me on 0270554791 Thank you for your love time Less

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