Editor Interview Questions in United States

Editor Interview Questions in United States

"Responsible for reviewing and evaluating content, editors are highly attentive to detail, organized, and collaborative. In an interview, expect to be asked about how you work with deadlines, your toolbox of editing systems, and where you get your ideas for stories. Especially desirable are candidates with strong communication skills who can work well in teams."

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Top Editor Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top editor interview questions and how to answer them.

Question #1: What's your process to maintaining deadlines?

How to answer: When working as an editor, you'll face deadlines when you must provide the work back to the writer or project manager. Highlight any tools you use to track and manage deadlines, such as a calendar or task management system. You can also use this question to describe your work ethic and situations in which you've faced and maintained tight deadlines for clients or team members. This question also works well to discuss your prioritization skills.

Question #2: How do you maintain focus when handling the mundane aspects of editing?

How to answer: Editors often face tedious and monotonous tasks, such as proofreading, checking sources, and fact-checking. When answering a question about maintaining your focus, talk about any processes you have in place to stay alert as you review other people's words. For example, if you read sentences aloud when assessing grammatical correctness or use a digital tool to check facts, describe these habits.

Question #3: Describe your approach to offering constructive feedback.

How to answer: An editor often has to provide constructive feedback to writers and content experts. They need to be able to do so in a way that benefits the other party while maintaining a professional and positive tone. Outline your communication skills and ability to provide feedback in a way that doesn't generate a negative or defensive response.

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Content Writer and Editor was asked...April 2, 2015

How do you prioritize topics that need to be written?

2 Answers

I try to get a sense of the need for the topics by asking subject matter experts and other interested parties; then I prioritize based on whether this is a new topic, a revision, a requirement to address changed circumstances, or a "nice to have." Emergency topics take first priority; then topics that can be completed quickly; then topics that are needed, but which will require more time to investigate. Less

You would have to draw up an outline that included variables with respect to deadline and value. Once that was accomplished, you should develop an analysis of each item with respect to profit, qty available, vs realistic completion of the project deadline expectation. Say we have 100 widgets that are slow sellers, with a low margin and time consuming to write, and 1000 widgets with the same amount of work, yet are far more profitable, you would outline them in a multi-fold hierarchical format. Equal work and deadline, unequal values. If the next four items were also fast sellers with high quantities and significant profit margins, and took as much work as the 100 widgets, decisions would need to be made. Rush jobs are better served by making compromises. It's better to exclude weaker profit items, in order to ensure all high profit items are included and the quality of the finished product does not read as slap-dash, and that pesky deadline is met. Over-reaching is the hobgoblin of lost accounts. Less

Community Impact Newspaper
Editor was asked...November 29, 2011

How would you find stories?

2 Answers

Some of the most interesting leads I’ve ever gotten cane out of the classified section of the newspaper. Less

I would build my network of sources in the area and read all of the area publications. Less

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Copy Editor was asked...October 27, 2015

What do you look for when you are copy editing a story?

1 Answers

I look for more than basic grammar and punctuation. I try to make sure that the story doesn't have any holes as well as keeping in mind local style and AP style. Less

Abt Associates

How would you deal with people freaking out to meet the deadline for a USAID proposal?

1 Answers

I said that I am generally an easy-going person, used to deadlines, treat colleagues with respect--but also believe there would be less freaking out if a standard procedure and timelines were developed to ensure a smooth proposal development process and minimize last-minute panic. Less


How do you measure the success of content?

1 Answers

How often is the content accessed? How effective are the keywords in finding content? For those systems with the option, how many times has the content been marked as resolving the question/problem? Less

Cactus Communications

Are you comfortable with medical subjects? (I have an MSc in Microbiology and had applied for a position in the Life Sciences)

26 Answers

Test Name : Earth and Environmental Sciences ☰ 1:28:29 Question 10: COMPREHENSION Read the following unedited passage and pick the incorrect statement(s) among the options provided. Damage caused by debris flows occurs during the transportation of material and in deposition zones. Study on the material properties and their relationship with the debris flow characteristics is lacking. In the previous studies, researchers have attempted to identify the relationship between the engineering properties of material and debris flow traits. If a debris flow has a larger mean particle diameter, more coarse grains are contained in a debris flow, and the flow has higher kinetic energy. If the plasticity index of the soil is low, which is occur when the difference between the plastic limit and liquid limit is small, the soil may quickly change from semi solid to liquid state. This may cause huge decrease in the cohesion and angle of internal friction which can lead to slope instability. Other studies have identified that the increase in soil moisture content may contribute to debris flow occurrence by the development of pore pressure in the soil. A. There have been some attempts to determine how material properties affect debris flow traits, but none to determine how they affect debris flow characteristics. B. The mean particle diameter of debris flow depends on the kinetic energy of the flow, and such flow has a higher proportion of coarse grains. C. A lower plasticity index corresponds to a smaller difference between the plastic limit and liquid limit, and soil with low plasticity index may pass from the semi-solid to the liquid state rapidly. D. In some previous studies, researchers have used the development of pore pressure in the soil to identify that increase in the moisture content of soil results in debris flows. Less

Test Name : Earth and Environmental Sciences ☰ 1:27:40 Question 16: Select the options that would NOT be suitable for the following unedited sentence: The effect of pH on the adsorption in Cr(III) on natural bentonite was evaluated. A. “effect” should be revised to “affect” B. “of pH” should be revised to “by pH” C “on the” should be revised to “from the” D. “in Cr(III)” should be revised to “of Cr(III)” Less

Test Name : Earth and Environmental Sciences ☰ 1:26:54 Question 22: Select all options that have NO grammatical errors. A. The main objectives of this study are to examine the potential of hydrocarbon generation in high-maturity marine II-type kerogen on the quantitative hydrogenation process, which involve different catalysts under closed system conditions. B. The drying coefficient of the generated gas decreases significantly with the increasing yield of heavy hydrocarbon gas, and the organic carbon in highly mature kerogen is hydrogenated to produce an alkane, CO2, and other gas components. C. In contrast, the fabricated disk-shaped fuel cell exhibited as a linear relationship between the output and the glucose concentration; therefore, this result agrees well with that obtained in the previous study. D. Lewan et al. and Seewald et al. confirmed that the contribution of exogenous H plays a key role in hydrocarbon generation and the distribution of underground hydrocarbon components. Less

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'So are you able to start writing right away?"

10 Answers


Of course I am...Do you have an assignment for me?

i am willing to start immediate.

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The Business Year

Are you open to going anywhere.

9 Answers




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Solitaire Group

Would you be able to work today?

7 Answers

yes, i,m ready


same day interview and job ofer and contract doesnt come yet,no had sence

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Cactus Communications

Questions in editing scientific documents.

7 Answers

:( Totally speechless.

Well... sorry cactus. That's not what it said. I think you just reworded it for your own convenience. Less

Best wishes!

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