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Education Manager was asked...March 3, 2019

Do you hate muslims?

2 Answers

No I don't hate muslims

No I love muslims, I see the person not the religion.


What religion are you?

2 Answers

This is personal and I'd rather not answer that.



what's your computer broadwidth ?

1 Answers

i don't know , but it is good enough for me


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

1 Answers

Retired hopefully, traveling with my husband.

Ryerson University

It was a long time ago, but one thing I do remember is the Supervisor of the position asking me who I'd help first: a student, an instructor, or herself as my boss. I answered "student" which was incorrect for her; my first priority was to be my boss! Other questions were behavioural-type interview questions.

1 Answers

I answered incorrectly. I assumed I'd address a student issue first, but the correct answer was to address any issue from the supervisor of the position first! Less


What would you do in your first 100 days?

1 Answers

I answered by outlining my plan.

American Physician Institute

In respect to salary, they were unwilling to discuss where their budget ranged. They knew I had a great deal of experience, yet called me in only for me to realize they are a very low paying company and wasted my time giving me very little time to prepare for a last minute unprofessional interview.

1 Answers

They're only interested in hiring people they can pay the least for and get the most work out of. Less


How did I feel about driving a ****** car?

1 Answers

What did that have to do with the ability to do a good job?


You are handling a team which is 1000 in number, we are not that big.. why would you want to join?

1 Answers

Nothing Specific...

Blue Yonder

What were some of the ways I've dealt with teams that are global?

1 Answers

I've worked with several global teams over the years. Some more closely than others. Less

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