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Telephone interview: Find largest integer from an array of integers. The integers in the array are arranged in strictly increasing (no 2 integers are same) or strictly increasing then decreasing; so like a curve and you have to find the peak. Discuss time complexity. Write code.

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Binary search

First, binary search will not work since just looking at a single point will not tell you if it's on the decreasing or increasing side of the curve. What you need is modified binary search. Looking at position i check position i+1 if it's increasing then search right otherwise search left; Code: int peak(vector V, int i, int iStart, int iEnd){ assert( i >= 0 && i = 0 && iStart = 0 && iEnd < V.size()); assert( iStart <= i && i <= iEnd ); if (i == iEnd) return i; int iCurr = V[i]; int iNext = V[i+1]; int iStartNew = iStart; int iEndNew = iEndl if( iCurr < iNext ) iStartNew = i; else iEndNew = i; int iNew = (iEndNew-iStartNew)/2; if( iNew == i ) iNew++; return peak(V, iNew, iStartNew, iEndNew); }

The question is a variation of the commonly asked problem of finding the start/end index of a sorted array that has been rotated. Takes O(log n) time.

phone screen question: what is the derivative of veloctiy?

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Technical Manager = What are you doing? How much are you willing to contribute? etc. This is mostly behaviour round. HR = Again, straight forward questions. Technical = this round contains two coding test. You will work as a team with some other candidate on a test. Basically, you have to demonstrate your teamwork skills. Also, how well you handle the situation e.g. are you a follower or a leader etc.

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You climb a 60 foot tree and have the ability to span up to 3 feet at a time. What's the minimum number of branches you'd have to touch to get the top?

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First phone screen: Print all the nodes of a tree in reverse level order (ie print all the nodes at the leaves first, then print the nodes on the level above the leaves, and then eventually work your way to the top).

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Write a pgm to find out if call stack address is increasing or decreasing

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write a wrapper fun for 32-byte aligned mem allocation

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Write a function to calculate build order given a project with a list of dependencies that also need to be built

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Why don't you have a job? Why are you unemployed?

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Explain how to get information from Excel over to the database

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