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Ford Motor Company
Enterprise Agile Coach was asked...February 11, 2020

To set the background, this interview, this role was about the Agile Transformation of new teams. The second coach on audio started out condescendingly stating "You may have to write this down as you won't remember it"... Going on to verbally lay out a scenario of four teams and what would I do if given that scenario, to which I answered it. There was no response to my answer. Being condensending in an interview, shows poorly of the interviewer, and the firm they respresent. The issue here is not only could that coach not repeat that scenario again as he just made it up, that is discrimination against me the interviewee. No one else interviewing would recieve that question or be judged on that question. You just singled me out by doing that, that is discrimination. This coach then went on to ask about Program Predictability and how I would use that. The topic is transformation of new teams, why and I asked this, would you be asking about forcasting future program increments when the topic is teams, stating that I wouldn't be teaching or using that. There was no response, and actually the interview went quiet for a good thirty seconds.

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See above

Cox Automotive

What was a big mistake you made that you had to correct?

1 Answers

I was frank...not buying Microsoft stock when it came out was a bad decision, I fixed it by getting hired there a few years later and spending 20 yrs there. Less

Edward Jones

What are your greatest achievement?

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Why shall we hire you?

Agile Velocity

Q: Example of a time you handled conflict or difficult talk.

1 Answers

Gave example. Presented problem, what I did, result, what I learned.


Por que gostaria de trabalhar na empresa?

1 Answers

Tenho um propósito que me motiva a estar indo trabalhar nesta empresa.

IDC Technologies

What's the lowest rate i would accept?


difference between kanban and scrumban scrum master vs pm.


General discussion about my CV and experience


Great to the extend to check knowledge from all the aspects

Cedus (United Kingdom)

There was a subtle pretence as you the lack of knowledge of the subject being discussed.

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