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Arrow Electronics
Entry Level Staff Accountant was asked...February 12, 2012

What is an accrual?

3 Answers

Revenues and expenses are recorded when earned; not received or paid.

Is an accounting method

An adjustment to either 1) record revenue earned but not yet recorded or 2) record expenses that have been incurred but not yet recorded Less


How do you respond to stress?

1 Answers

drink a coffee


Tell us about a time you worked in a diverse team, describe the task and the outcome.

1 Answers

choose an example that brings out your leadership skills. do not make it sound like you took al the work and no one else did nothing. they are looking for team players. Less

DXC Technology

What is your favorite part of the Software Development Cycle?

4 Answers

same here. I have moved on.

Same happened to me. Not only that, but they completely deleted my applicant account. However, I received and accepted a much better offer elsewhere so I'm not mad at all. Things will work out. Less

So typical for DXC

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The Light-In Group

Do you love hard rock music?

3 Answers

That's true. They need more people to do their so called executive manager job. They ask all these stupid questions for your interview, just as a formality. She asked me which car you want to drive? I see no relevance to job with $35 a day of knocking doors in the neighborhood of Bronx ...miserable. Not even worth killing yourself for 35 dollar. If you get lucky to sign up you get $50 bonus else you are done for the day with no money left after you spend so much money for them in traveling only. It sucks. Less

Yah, when I went for interview, I saw like 20 people waiting for interview. I was called for 2nd interview, I saw again like 15-20 people more for interview. They interview people everyday as they need more people to do their job, it shouldn't be executive level, this is completely the opposite of that. I would say its a scam starting from office to people's door. Beware college grads !! Before you get yourself trapped into their scheme. Less

The company just moved from white plains to Times Square with a new company name, the light-in group inc. this company used to be SG ventures inc and got caught n now SG ventures doesnot exist yet converted to new company " the light-in group inc. some body please shut this business. They fool so many college grad everyday and scam thousands of people everyday. Less

Sequel Logistics Pvt

Do I know anything about logistics companies

3 Answers

Not by experience, however I've read prior about that specific company. Its background, policies and services. Less

Yes I know Logistics Company uses and conditions I read now

Yes I know Logistics terms and conditions

SSM Direct

Where do I see myself in 3-5 years?

2 Answers

I am not quite sure at the moment but I can say working for SSM Direct Inc. will point me in the right direction Less

I just talked about my goals, personal and professional, for the next few years.

Which is stronger for you: Love to win or Hate to lose? Are you a competetive person?

2 Answers

I said Love to win

Gee, no good answer. Like which is more round, ....the round peg or the round hole it goes in? Less


What would you do if you don't agree with your supervisors decision? How would you approach their supervisor with your opinion?

2 Answers

I would present to him/her evidence of why I think to the contrary, and if they still do not agree, I would let them know ahead of time that I was taking it to their superior. Less

i talk tu engineer because we are company

E&G Anderson

Do I have a background

2 Answers

Truthfully and still was accepted for a second interview


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