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Entry Level Pharmaceutical Sales Representative was asked...September 1, 2021

What would your manager say if we asked him about you What is your goal 5 years from now What would be the the most difficult part for you in this position

4 Answers

Learning the chemicals used for the medicine

I am a good communicator who is disciplined, hard-working, and willing to learn

In five years I want to be known as a productive employee, who is trusted by our customers and willing to take on new challenges Less

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Tell me about a time tha you had to adjust your style to improve relationship with coworker or leader.

2 Answers

If you don’t mind can you give us examples of what you started off with or said

Describe a situation difficult to persuade others to your pov. What was your approach? Less

Power Home Remodeling

How do you deal with rejection?

2 Answers

I find out more about the objection to determine to true concern.

Persistence overcomes resistance, , keep moving and check back with qualified leads regularly. Less

DMC Atlanta

Why did you leave your last job

2 Answers

Sold business

Sold business

Fortitude Marketing Solutions

What are some of my biggest strengths?

2 Answers

Building a relationship with clients.

My communication skills and customer service skills

CrossLink Life Sciences

Describe your previous role at your last job?

1 Answers

I worked for a healthcare recruiting firm that dealt with coordinating efforts with both the hospital and doctor. Less

Ares Marketing Group

What interested you in changing over to the business industry?

1 Answers

I wanted a different outlook in the career field, and I came across this business and it just really spoke to me and I took a chance on it to see where it would lead me! Less

Blueprint Consulting (KS)

How would you define leadership/ what are good qualities In a leader ?

1 Answers

I would define leadership as experience and knowledge as key components. Also, wisdom defined as the critical moment in time when we use the term: That critical moment when knowledge tells wisdom what to do. Less

STL Executives

What's the difference between out-of-home advertising and in-home advertising?

1 Answers

Out-of-home advertising is advertising that reaches the consumer while they are outside their home; focuses on marketing to consumers while they are on-the-go (billboards, street furniture, transit, alternative). In-home advertising is advertising that reaches the consumer while they are inside their home. Less

Are you a logical or a creative person?

1 Answers

I chose creative as my answer because being logical is thinking within the scope of logical boundaries; however, being creative enables the individual to go out of their way to find solutions and answers. Less

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