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Food Scientist was asked...November 7, 2016

Tell me about your strengths.

1 Answers

I am very out going i love a challenge

Conagra Brands

What’s a task you were given no direction with and how did you make it purposeful

1 Answers

Captstone project based abroad with animals

Plantible Foods

Describe what functions are important in plant based Milk, meat, yogurt and egg replacers for cakes? Come up with potential solutions where rubisco proteins could be used? CEO: How will go about starting this project?

1 Answers

Explained what functionalities are important in the following food matrices and how to go about using rubisco protein I also explained ideas such as imitation crab and binders for sausages The interviewers took note of each idea and asked questions on rheology and cellulose based replacers To the question that the CEO asked, I explained how it important for literature review followed by a clear experimental design. Not sure what else he was expecting an entire experimental design so that they can replicate that maybe Beware of idea presentation, this is a clever way of making the candidate do all the leg work of solving a problem and coming up with solutions only so that they can implement these ideas Please refrain from sharing ideas as they can easily be stolen Some of their results are even misrepresented they do not agree with current literature Less

Perfection Pet Foods

Background, pet food experience, product development experience, would you relocate and will salary be enough

1 Answers

Explained about background, product development experience

Spero Foods

Why would you like to work at Spero?

1 Answers

One of the main reasons, I would like to work for an early startup like Spero, is because companies like Spero are thinking about mother nature and our responsibility towards nature by manufacturing food in a sustainable way Less


What is your technical skills?

1 Answers

I did ... during my ... school, and used ... skill to complete ... task.

Kraft Heinz Company

Basic interview questions- behavioral and situational

1 Answers

I answered them based on my work expeiences

Kraft Heinz Company

Asked what kinds of products I would develop

1 Answers

Overstuffed sandwiches- w/ fries, chicken fingers, mozz sticks, etc (now that I have a job in the food industry I realize how unrealistic this would be. lol) Less


Where do you see yourself in ten years?

1 Answers

This was a difficult question because I was right out of college and had no idea what sort of advancement there was, let alone what I would want to do. Less


What changes would you make to this company?

1 Answers

Cleaner labels.

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