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Roseville Joint Union High School District
Instructional Aide was asked...May 19, 2015

Previous experience in school, age range of students, examples of problem dealing with student instruction, examples of multi-tasking, how would I deal with a student acting out.

1 Answers

Dealing with instruction or personality difficulties from student might stem from a problem at home, at school, or child just doesn't understand and cannot articulate. Take your time, sit down low to their physical level, and try to put it in a different way, maybe they like baseball and you can give an example of the problem in terms of baseball that they can understand. Always encourage. Less

Dickinson ISD

What was the most important thing about the student that I would do for him?

1 Answers

I would make sure that he would be treated with respect just like any other student and made sure that his studies were done and on time. Less


What is the difference between formative and summative evaluation?

1 Answers

Summative evaluation is meant to assess the amount of student learning at the end of a unit, like a final exam or midterm. Formative evaluation is much more regular and is used by a teacher to change their program to achieve better results. Less

Classical Charter Schools

What does a well managed classroom look like?

1 Answers

A well managed classroom is orderly with the teacher in control of the room, making sure that students are listening, participating, learning, and enjoying all at the appropriate times. Less

How would I handle difficult situations with kids with Aspergers

1 Answers

Calm voice, looking straight in eyes, ask them to focus, remain calm

Wake County Public Schools

How would I use my experience to coach and support other teachers?

1 Answers

The best way, in my opinion, to coach and support other teachers is to myself in their shoes. I have past experience being in their situation and so I can empathize and do my best to help them with whatever issues arise. Less

Aspire Public Schools

Name 3 strengths and 1 weakness. How would you create a rigorous learning environment?

7 Answers

3 strengths: 1. take charge attitude 2. planning implementing reward/consequence systems 3. activity planning 1 weakness: overthinking things Less

I would create assignments where students have to critically think about what they are learning and this is through story analysis, writing assignments, challenges to work quick and efficient Less

3 strengths: 1. take charge attitude-offer assistance when it looks like it may be needed 2. organized and detail oriented-lesson plans done early, student behavior marks written down 3. planning activities-use internet and school materials to plan activities 1 weakness: overthink things-over worry about what needs to be done but it helps me get started quick to get it done faster and correctly create rigorous environment -have activities where students are timed. For example with my TK class last year, I set the timer on 5 minutes and we saw if we could keep the ball going for 5 minutes -have assignments where students need to think-for example each short story has a writing assignment based on it, older students do story analysis sheets -for harder material-have an incentive system to encourage work-for example with one student, I told him for each reading page he does with good concentration; sitting up straight, pointing with pencil, reading loud and clear, asking for help he receives a star Less

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P2 Energy Solutions

I think it's inappropriate to ask applicants to donate two hours to an online assessment pre-interview, at the start of the interviewing process. It seems arrogant, and impersonal. I'd be fine with 20 minutes. Two hours is too much, and likely hurts P2's reputation with applicants.

7 Answers

@Carbonate, in your original post, you state "This kind of tests beats any reference or experience ever" and you casually refer to "retards", "dumb people" and "the mentally and culturally limited". I think you meant to say "this kind of test" not "tests" and references to "retards", "dumb people", and the "mentally and culturally limited" are unprofessional, not to mention impolite. Statistically, it’s probable that one of your peers may have a developmentally disabled child, sibling, or other relative. So who hired you at P2, or are you in senior management there? Because, apparently the testing doesn't weed out bigots, loose cannons, and those who cannot use correct English grammar. On the other hand, an effective behavioral interview, along with a shorter version on the test, might. Less

@Carbonate, apologies - I was not kind above. I just got a little bit p-d off at having to take a two hour test as part of a job application, really. Not sure what part I flunked, really, but I was not applying for an engineering position, so much of the test just annoying me. Maybe I was too honest on the cultural questions. Best of fortune to you. Less

Heh - "annoyed me"

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Milestones Behavioral Services

What experience do you have working with children with special needs?

4 Answers

Why are you interested in this position?

I was both an individual school nurse and Lead Nurse for the New Britain School District over the course of 15 years/ When I was in one school I had several special needs classes in my school/ During the summers I worked summer school special needs classes because they needed the consistency of the routine Less

These children had ventilators, tube feedings, Foley catheters and multiple medications Less

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USA Jobs

State your background?

4 Answers

Professor of Psychology Dean of Instruction College President Contracting IT sPECIALTY Less

I HAVE EXPERIENCE IN teaching technical subject matter in one or more related areas. Assists in reviewing and evaluating effectiveness of teaching methods and work activities. I can organizes, promotes, coordinates and conducts specific programs with individuals Less

Core competencies and distinctive capabilities are based on a shared commitment to three core values -- integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. Less

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