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Amazon Interviews in US

www.amazon.jobs /  HQ: Seattle, WA

13,813 Interviews in US (of 23,012)

2.9 Average

Target Interviews in US

www.target.com /  HQ: Minneapolis, MN

10,192 Interviews in US (of 11,429)

2.5 Easy

Walmart Interviews in US

www.walmart.com /  HQ: Bentonville, AR

7,468 Interviews in US (of 9,324)

2.1 Easy

Interview Questions in US

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Do you own a water bottle?

10 Answers


I’m not only own water bottle, I even collect them.

That is horrible grammar.

What is your management style?

40 Answers

Describe the development process you prefer, particularly for a startup company.

6 Answers

What do you expect from this company?

1 Answer

How are your editing skills

1 Answer

Just described my portfolio, and discussed follow up questions.

How would you handle working with very challenging personalities?

3 Answers

Interviewers picked a topic from my resume that I had received a short amount of training on then never touched again. They didn't specifically mention what product they were asking about, but attempted to get me to talk about it, then finally told me later.

2 Answers

Describe the various transitions encompassed in the TCP state transition diagram.

1 Answer

Describe the path-mtu discovery algorithm.

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