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Logistics coordinator Interview Questions in United States


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What times of the year do you think it's especially hard to get driver supply out?

2 Answers

On holidays. That's why the price surge on these days is an incentive for the drivers to work.

Holidays indeed, but more importantly around "the holidays." People aren't as willing to give up their precious time off to bust their behinds driving people around.

How will you positively affect operations here?

1 Answer

Do you have experience with record compliance as it relates to the DOT?

1 Answer

100 drivers apply to uber to be a driver. X percent does not have city knowledge, y of them miss their screening meetings, z of them did not passed background check and can apply in 6 months etc etc.. Base on listed constraints, how many of them can start with Uber?

8 Answers

What's a town you hustled

7 Answers

How to handle a dissatisfied customer.

5 Answers

Asked about previous employer

4 Answers

Do you work well in a team environment

4 Answers

Why did you quit your current Job

3 Answers

Can you stay away from your family for 3 months at a time was unexpected because to me it was something you should already know.

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