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Biolife Plasma Services
Master Plasma Center Technician was asked...January 10, 2014

What kind of animal do you see yourself most like

3 Answers

Dung Beetle

Vampire bat



What is the purpose of Derivative in controller tuning and what process would you use Derivative in?

1 Answers

To truly understand this you must understand prcoess deadtime and what, in mathematics, a derivative is. Essentialy is the instantaneous rate of change of a function with respect to time, so when evaluating what processes to apply it you have to take into account what the dead time or reaction time of the process would be. For example, ask the question what is my desired reaction given a change to setpoint. It changes depending on the process and for a conroller using a derivative function the goal is to minimize oscillation in your controller output to a "quarter wave decay". Processes that you would want to use a derivative function would be for variables like temperature that have a large deadtime and take a while to recover after a step change. Less


What is the purpose of the instrument zero being at 4mA?

1 Answers

It is considered a "live" zero, in order to distinguish it from a loss of power.


What do you do about staying safe in the job?

1 Answers

Assess and perform work safely


What did I want to get out of this job

1 Answers

I wanted a chance to promote through the system and while they can't guarantee anything today they would help me set up a plan Less


can you be available next week?

1 Answers

Sure I will be on the job next week

Pep Boys

What will you work for?

1 Answers

Asked for $20 per hour flatrate.

Safelite AutoGlass

What helps manage time for task.

1 Answers

I make a schedule that’ll give ‘em a outline of the day.

Belle Tire

What would you do is you caught an employee doing something wrong after hours?

1 Answers

I said it's not my business what another employer does when he is not clocked in. Less

Tyler Technologies

What are your technical weaknesses?

1 Answers

My coding experience has been confined to academic exercises, I look forward to building upon that skill set with an experienced team. Less

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