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Mechatronics Interview Questions in United States


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They asked how I kept current in my field.

1 Answer

I told them that I kept up via checking articles in Machine Design and NASA Tech Briefs

Basic control systems engineering knowledge.

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Can you talk about your work as a DOD contractor with clearance?

1 Answer

A project I had done

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Just casual question on control system and about projects and previous experience.

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Herse this part, how would you make this step by step?

1 Answer

Tell us about your past projects

1 Answer

Name an issue you encountered and what did you do to resolve it?

Literally only 3 questions of the form "Do you have experience with xxx?". If you haven't worked with all 3, it seems like they reject you (I had 2).

Describe a time you were put in a difficult group situation and how you overcame the difficulties.

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