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Occupational therapist Interview Questions in United States

"Employers hiring occupational therapists are looking for candidates who have the knowledge, patience, and teaching abilities to assist injured and disabled patients in performing everyday tasks. In an interview, come ready to discuss your knowledge of therapy techniques and practices as well as your experience handling different kinds of patient demographics. All therapists are required to be licensed by the NBCOT, and many choose to pursue a master's degree in occupational therapy as well."

Occupational therapist Interview Questions in United States

Occupational therapist Interview Questions in United States

Occupational therapists help patients regain skills and return to work after an injury. In an occupational therapist interview, expect to answer questions that test your problem-solving, communication, and planning skills. Be prepared to discuss previous work experiences and specific therapy methods during your interview.

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Top Occupational Therapist Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three occupational therapist interview questions and how to answer them.

Question #1: How do you deal with a large workload?

How to answer: Occupational therapists often have busy schedules caring for a large number of patients. This question allows the interviewer to understand your time and stress management skills. List and discuss time-management strategies that you use on the job. If possible, discuss previous work experience and how you handled a busy schedule.

Question #2: How do you handle complaints from a difficult patient or patient's family?

How to answer: Occupational therapists must be able to communicate and create positive working relationships with patients and their families. This question allows an interviewer to assess your communication and relationship-building skills. Discuss tactics you use for communicating with difficult patients as well as strategies that increase positive outcomes for struggling patients.

Question #3: What are the steps you take when setting patient goals?

How to answer: As an occupational therapist, you must work with patients to set goals and create a plan to reach those goals. This question allows employers to assess your ability to set achievable client goals and involve clients in the goal-setting process. Discuss how you create individual occupational therapy goals with patients and their families.

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Occupational Therapist was asked...December 16, 2015

What is one of your accomplishments with a patient?

1 Answers

I helped a patient regain use of their arm using nmes.

New York City Department of Education

What type of experience do you have in working with children who have special needs?

1 Answers

I have 5 years’ experience working with special needs children at the last clinic I worked at. Their disabilities ranged from physical to mental to emotional Less

George Washington University Hospital

What are sternal precautions?

1 Answers

no pushing/pulling, active range of motion to shoulder level, and the lifting items greater than 5 pounds Less

Interface Rehab

How much are you expecting to get paid?

4 Answers

At least $45 /hour plus benefits

At least $23 an hour

$30 to $35

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William Osler Health System

You are walking a patient, and someone else requires your immediate help. What do you do?

3 Answers

If I can safely transfer the patient back to their room to be able to help, I would. Otherwise, I would suggest the other individual find someone else to help. Less

I want to help that person first

I want to help that person first

Visiting Nurse Association of Kansas City

How would you describe yourself in one word?

3 Answers




The Dream Works

How do you know ——?

3 Answers

I worked with her once before.

I don't know?!

I always know

Tender Touch Rehab Services

How comfortable are you in the long-term care setting?

3 Answers

They honestly asked me no questions of significance- they were desperate for a therapist Less


Very comfortable

Kaleida Health

What is your level of education

2 Answers

Master's Degree

Physical therapist assistant

Tara Therapy

How do you engage patients in therapy if they don't want to participate

2 Answers

Find out what motivates them

Establish rapport, then go forward

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