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Physical therapist Interview Questions in United States

"Employers hiring physical therapists are looking for certified candidates who are knowledgeable about the human body and eager to improve their clients' conditions. In an interview, you may be tested on how you would go about providing treatment for particular physical conditions or how you would encourage reluctant patients. Employers want physical therapists who live by the values they instill in the clinic, and leading an active lifestyle will reassure them that you are the right candidate for the job. Any experience working in clinics or with the elderly is a plus. Employers may require you to have a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree if you do not already possess a master's or bachelor's degree in physical therapy."

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What would you do if a patient you had been working with started refusing to work with you.

2 Answers

Try to find out if a specific thing is bothering the patient and if it can be changed. If it cannot be changed or the patient is not able to explain the problem then have the patient switched to another therapist if possible.

I would question the patient as to why they were refusing treatment with me, and then give them the option of working with another therapist.

Are you physically fit and how much do you exercise?

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What was my greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses working with a geriatric population

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No real interview questions about my skill set or anything else other than what I was willing to do.

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Why do I want to work in a Carespring/Skilled Nursing setting; how do I want to make a difference; What is my experience; have I worked in a LTC setting? Am I a follower or a leader?

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How would you handle a situation where an MD was unhappy with the patients care at your facility?

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What are your plans after you graduate?

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The most difficult question to ask yourself is, "am I willing to sacrifice my ethical and moral standards to work for a company who regards billing Medicare over patient rights".

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Why did you pick St. Dominic? What qualities do you have that will help you succeed in this job?

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What made you get into physical therapy?

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