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Associate Field Story Producer was asked...August 3, 2012

"This will be harder than anything you've done. Gauranteed. Still want to do it?"

7 Answers

Your concern is whether not the job is hard to do, then you've chosen the wrong job. You have to enjoy your commitment. Less

The Hardest thing I ever did was survive Marine Corp boot camp and survive war. This job is exciting because it is challenging. Once "alignment" is defined then creativity and critical thinking kick in. Less

I'm curious as to why it's the hardest job I could do. I have already taken a seminar on how to be a writer's assistant from a person currently working as a writer for BLACKISH. I have already done research for a friend's published book entitled, "Mary, The Mary Tyler Moore Story." If your standards are very high, I look forward to the challenge. Less

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Univision Television Group
TV Producer was asked...September 21, 2017

They asked if a had a legal status to work in the US

5 Answers

Yes, I have my Work Permit.

Yes, I have my Employment Authorization.

Yes, I have my Employment Authorization.

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TRT World
Producer was asked...November 26, 2017

Who's side are you on: Palestine or Israel?

5 Answers

Palestine sur



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Did I have a current Girlfriend.

4 Answers

No I was single and wanted to remain single.

Is that even legal to ask?

I am a female and straight so no.

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What is your background in casting talent and working with talent agents?

4 Answers

I have casted talent for shoots and I have worked with agents before.

Found excellent read:

Paula Zahn Ju Ju Chang, Chyler Leigh, Andy Davoli, Cris Tardio, Paulo Benedetti, Ariana Grande, Megan Goode Less

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Are you willing to get your license within 30 day’s of hire?

3 Answers




Boston Consulting Group

DOO asked how I would deal with a difficult member of a team.

3 Answers

I explained a good producer manages people and the project, but that it is outside the responsibility of a producer to reprimand someone who is not his/her direct report. She disagreed and came of as displeased for the remainder of the interview. Less

If someone asked me this, I would say that first I would define the obstacles, define our mission, engender trust and collaboration and move forward with appropriate acknowledgement. Less

Having been to medical school four years including a psych rotation, I would diagnose the team member's illness and give them love. Love is a pheromone, you get it from any adult male donor's face. Rub that donor face with the fresh, new, un-chewed, chewing gum, collect about 200mg (15 pieces of Wrigley's Sugarless chewing gum) and give them the gum to chew. Their mental health issues will resolve in 8 seconds. Of course, you could just B.S. around like the ignoramuses suggest, too. Less

Walt Disney Company

Pretty standard interview questions.

3 Answers

Every answer depends upon the corporate goals, generally. You can't budget for what needs to be done until you see what needs to be accomplished and in what time frame. However, knowing the company's goals is not what is truly essential. Essential knowledge is to know the DREAMS of the company's leaders. Less

If you are looking for stories you've come to the right place, for I have seen attack ships on fire off the shoulders of Orion, haven't I? O.B. Juan Kennobe, it's me! I haven't heard that name since oh, before you were born!" "Ross, I'm older than you" deadpanned Stevie Spielberg who looked 15 but was really 24. Then up popped Ron Kirk, Oh Captain, My Captain! YO! (who me?) DUH! Oh, I was first to ever wish "May the Force be With You" and mean it. Where we went, we didn't need roads and I want to go back. Less

I will tell you anything you want to know. Well we want to know who the hell sent you here and what the hell you're doing here with all this madness of achievement and adventure? So, you want the truth. You're damn right I want the truth! OK, here's the truth. The truth is. You can't handle the truth. THAT'S THE TRUTH? THE TRUTH IS, WE CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH? Yes. Well said, by the way. I just repeated what you said. So you did. Less

marcus evans

Why did I change my career, from technical to event management? (I was previously a chemical engineer)

3 Answers

Hey I'm a fresh graduate who applying for Marcus Evans's job right now~and I'm processing to 2nd interview ~that's mean I gotta present an event~but I got confusing on one question about the event, can u help me to figure it out "what is the job titles"?means what? Less

I see a potential in this business and would like to learn more about it. Later on I want to invest my capital in your company. Less

I completed my MBA and I would like to try out some management and soft skills positions Less

Dire Wolf Digital

Too many to relate. The standout for me though: Are you more of a Den Mother or a Drill Sergeant?

3 Answers

I default to Den Mother, but have performed both roles. Told about the time where I had to hold a distant cousin who served under me accountable for his repeated tardiness, eventually leading to him getting booted from the Air Force. Was met with "We're looking for more of a Drill Sergeant." Less

The “owner” is very much stuck in the 1999’s “beat the workers until morale improves “ style of management. Even if you say you can manage appropriately for the situation - as soon as you said den mother, it was over for you. Think about it though - good products or not - is that the kind of place you want to work? Less

It's still my first pick. The military has something of a late 70s early 80s style to its management, though I'd argue its leadership is more ahead of the curve. Workers there are viewed as interchangeable parts and an up or out mentality prevails. A task master would still be a comfortable upgrade to the personnel management systems documented in DOPMA. I think you're right though. Perhaps a more hard -a-- line would have communicated my "buck stops here" approach. Next year will be different. Less

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