Quality Manager Interview Questions in United States

Quality Manager Interview Questions in United States

"When hiring quality managers, employers are looking for candidates with the technical background and management skills to assist oversight of the quality department at a high level. In an interview, be ready to answer typical testing questions as well as speak to your leadership experience and project management abilities. Come prepared to discuss how you would set quality standards, execute testing planning, and ensure that teams meet deadlines."

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Wilson Electronics
Quality Control Manager was asked...June 2, 2014

Tell me more about your experience in working with Six Sigma and Lean, please be specific and give examples with details and figures.

1 Answers

Too long to write, they did a great job making sure I was not just putting popular tag words on my resume to make me look more appealing. They do a great job of finding out the truth. Less


He asked me "how do you improve the production issues that are causing quality issues"

1 Answers

I told him that I spend time out on the floor talking with operators to tell them about the quality issues we're finding and how to eliminate them. I told him that quality would get very better as we worked together on the production floor. Less


In a typical sql query, what would happen when there are no bind variables? What happens when you put bind variables, does it help the performance or not? If so, how?

1 Answers

While writing queries in SQL always prefer using the Binding Variables. Here's why: Everytime a query is executed, it is first checked into the Shared Pool to see whether the query was executed before or not. If yes, then its execution plan is used again to execute the new query. If no, Hard Parse is done by the database. The query is parsed, working out the various execution paths and coming up with an optimal access plan before it can be executed. Hard parsing is very CPU intensive, and involves obtaining latches on key shared memory areas. So, lets take an example: Collapse | Copy Code select * from table1 where salary = 2000 Now if the value 2000 changes everytime with input from user, the query will never be unique and will be hard parsed everytime, generating extra CPU burden. Solution: Binding Variables Example: Collapse | Copy Code select * from table1 where salary = :salary Now this makes the statement unique everytime and just the values change in it, reducing the Hard Parse overhead. Every reference to a PL/SQL variable is in fact a binding variable. Less

Threshold Enterprises

Do you have QC data management experience?

1 Answers

I have manage the QC databases for 2 years, so yes.


What will I add to improve the work culture and improve the productivity of the facility.

1 Answers

To insure proper training of all personnel and to implement a mentoring program to provide the future leaders. Less

What would I do to improve and ensure product quality if given the job?

1 Answers

First thing, get acclimated and learn and understand the status quo (what development processes and tools are currently being used, what ideas/feedback internal stakeholders have about the current state of things, what comments/feedback have our customers provided, etc). These are all important because before you can set out to improve something you must first understand what it is that needs improved - and why - and how - and by whom, etc. It's nice to have an improvement plan in mind but it's more important to recognize and understand there's no such thing as a 'one size fits all' plan. Seeking to implement change w/o first seeking to understand what needs to be changed and why is basically just change for change's sake - not a good thing. Less


how do you make sure deliverables are completed within schedule and without working over shift.

1 Answers

proactively review the schedule and the work in progress, continuously identify improvements and implement solutions that would enhance the productivity without impacting the quality Less

Gulf Catering Co.

What is HACCP?

4 Answers

Hazard analysis critical control points

Hazard analysis critical control point.

I answered there abbreviations and principles in details.

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related textile and leather garments stiching and quailty vise

3 Answers

i have much experience in stiching , superviser , final chaker , and quailty control Less

I am available for an interview

Can you again my interview

EMD Serono

Do you write poetry? (this was for a QA position)

3 Answers

wow !! u r lucky fellow .to get this question :)

Please share few questions ,frequently asked in Canada for Quality assurance, i just want to know the template. Less

I have written poetry for school and I did some writing on my own in university. I have more recently written haiku's and limericks. I get this creativity from my father who is constanly writing poetry. Less

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