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Regional human resources director Interview Questions in United States


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What I haven't asked you that I should know about you!

2 Answers

Precisely about what has been the most unexpected situation I've encountered in my career and what I learned from it.

Top strengths

How was I going to make a difference in a multi-site USA based Company when I had no experience of working in the US or with US Employment legislation.

1 Answer

What is your experience with labor unions?

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Why do I want to work for Amazon

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I cannot say that any question was particularly unexpected of difficult. Unfortunately the VP of HR left the organization and the regional strategy was being reviewed, so no one was hired for the position.

Spent considerable time relating my experience to the company culture.

Why do you want to work for Pinnacles? Why are you looking for another opportunity? What are your two strongest areas in employee relations? Describe your experience with the disciplinary action process.

What three areas do you consider are your areas of expertise?

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Talk to me about how you support the team while balancing your workload.