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Retail sales associate Interview Questions in United States


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What qualifications do you look for in an employee ?

3 Answers

Pleasant personality, smiling and confident. We can teach the rest. It's almost impossible to change a persons personality. And never lasts.

Their ability to upsell plays a huge part, also good attitute, prior work in retail...

The qualifications I would look for in an employee would depend on whether they are applying for an entry level position or a more senior position. Obviously with a more senior position. It is important that they have some retail/customer service experience coming into the job. For an entry level position, however, I would rely more on previous activities, whether professional or not. For example, engagement in creative activities such as a guild or club, or leadership positions in volunteer or school environments would help gauge their suitability for a position. In the end, however, it is the personality and personal qualities of the person that would help determine their suitability. After all, everything else can be taught on the job. Self confidence balanced by a willingness to learn, honesty, integrity, and an ability to work well both individually and as part of a team are just a few of the qualities that I would look for in an employee. However, it is difficult to gauge much of this from an initial interview. Therefore, the first things I would look for at the interview stage is how well spoken the individual is, whether or not they look me in the eye, what affect they present, and how confidently they respond to questions related to both their previous experiences as they relate to the position for which they are applying as well as ‘what if’ scenarios posed to them highlighting potential situations they might find themselves in on the job.

How would you sell a Macy's credit card?

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Describe a time that you dealt with a teammember who felt disciminated against.

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Scenario: Try to convince me to upgrade to the $70 plan instead of the $50 plan

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What was a time you handled a difficult client?

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What would you do if one of your employees came to you with a very personal problem that did not have anything to do with their job?

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Can you describe a time where you had to give and receive feedback?

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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Do you have cash handling experience?

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a time you dealt with a difficult customer

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