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Sales engineer Interview Questions in United States

Sales engineers are responsible for pitching the technology or service of a company to possible buyers. Products need to be sold based on their performance and abilities and a sales engineer must be capable of conveying these qualities effectively to buyers. Interviews will feature various sales scenarios and test your ability to sell the type of product employers are offering.

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How would you handle a differing opinion from another experienced Engineer.

1 Answer

Let him explain his position in detail. Agree with as much as I can, using "I" statements, never using "I don't think YOU. . ." Additionally, I use alot of diagram detail to explain my positions, which proves confidence and most people are visual learners.

The hardest question that caught me off guard, was when they asked if I was good with conflict resolution and how I deal with conflict.

1 Answer

Describe a time you had to change your style to adapt to a situation or accommodate others.

5 Answers

How many layers in the OSI model?

9 Answers

What is the difference between SaaS and IaaS

4 Answers

Describe the difference between TCP and UDP

3 Answers

If you cant access the web console for a server, how would you troubleshoot?

6 Answers

Perform Cloudera Path B Instillation and go over each step and present your findings.

4 Answers

They ask for a mock demo/presentation in the later rounds of the interview.

2 Answers

Do you ask for help when you need it?

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