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Senior business analyst Interview Questions in United States

"As a senior business analyst, you are being hired for your years as a business analyst, providing you with the experience and guidance that other business analysts need. Interviewers want to see that you are capable of taking on more complex projects by testing your Excel skills, ability to perform an analysis, and leadership in a team setting. Be prepared to focus on your previous experiences with data, multi-tasking, and organizations and how it has all culminated to help you make sound decisions for the company."

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How do you manage project timelines with change requests?

1 Answer

To do time estimations on the change request and then you swap something that is in scope for the change being requested.

The company is losing 1 million subscribers every month. What are the possible reasons for losing subscribers? Given the company is losing subscribers at this pace, how long can the company continue, until it starts making loss?

10 Answers

Given the company forms a partnership with Hulu. The subscription fee is $2 per customer per month and ad revenue is $3 per customer per month, for additional customers. Hulu has 50 million subscribers and the adoption rate is 20%. How will this affect the company? How long can the company last without making loss?

5 Answers

Cap One is usually collects default accts by calling these customers. Usually 15% of customers pay their accounts off. Now, they are consdering giving an offer to the customers for paying 60% amount. Should we do that or not. Abg balance is $2000. This offer will impact now, that only 10% customers will pay in full and 10% will pay 60% offer. part(b)- since we are stealing our own customers by giving an offer, what is the cannibalization rate? and what is the max. cannibalization rate that Capital One can do to break even?

4 Answers

Anti-freeze: planning to buy a company with 12.5 in cash, 10% bonds for the remaining amount. Total worth of the company $137.5. assuming there is no discount rate. When will u break-even. And is it a good buy? Part(2) - Anti-freeze is currently priced at $8, with 60% market share; there are other products in the market(A) priced at $7 with 15% market share, (B) at $7 with 7% market share and (c) with $5 and 10% market share. Should we consider decreasing our price by $1 or NOT?

3 Answers

How do you price a derivative.

2 Answers

What do you know about Blue Cross?

3 Answers

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What if we offered you lower than market rate Business Analyst?

2 Answers

When determining requirements, which technique do I prefer most?

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What are three words that would describe you?

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