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There were no difficult questions.

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Your assessment of the company is correct! NO ONE needs to be humiliated at an interview like that. You are also correct in your in your assessment of the treatment of our clients! But that,s just the start. How do you think that would have treated you if you where hired? From experience it's much worse. At the presant I have been asked to perform tasks using equipment that is old and un-calibrated on projects for local cities. I have mentioned that this is FRAUD but no one cares! You have done the RIGHT thing! Just chalk it up to experience. Personal integrity is the MOST important thing! There people don't have it! As others have said in previous postings, this whole company is going to implode and you would only be un-employed anyway.

Wait, you were “humiliated” because the manager gave you an honest answer that getting your SE is “useless” because we do very little work (some offices do none) which requires an SE stamp? Cry me a river!

Yes, he felt humiliated and he.s right. You don't get to tell somebody that such a certification is useless just cause some company doesn't have a use for it. Thats something you earn with many many hours of study and no one has the right to put you down for it.

Nothing really. Just stick to what you know

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resume and school studies (Fatigue, stress Analysis)

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How have you dealt with a difficult person in the past?

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What is the shear and moment diagrams for a beam that is fixed on one side and point loaded on the other? What is the shear distribution through the depth of the beam?

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what would you like to be doing in 5 years?

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Where so you see yourself in five years ?

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Do you plan to get a masters degree?

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