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Simulator Customer Support Engineer I was asked...November 29, 2017

Do you like tacos, and if yes, what kind of taco would you make if money were no object?

2 Answers

Sour grapes

Why do interviewers ask stupid questions like this? Show some professionalism, this has nothing to do with the job. This is the second time I read this taco question from this company. HR, please find out who is asking this and tell them to stop. It's a turnoff to prospective employees and seems like the interviewer isn't taking this as seriously as the interviewee. This is someone's livelihood they are messing around with. Less


What is an OSI Model

2 Answers

Osi layer its is abbrivation of Open system interconnection and describes how the data transfered from point to point through network. Less

OSI model consists of seven Layers


Can you work in a 24 hour by 7?

2 Answers


When should I start?


How does a TCP connection initiate?

2 Answers

sync, sync-ack, ack

For this question, I responded with the 3-way handshake and briefly described its process, including which segment header fields are used and how the sequence/acknowledgement numbers are incremented. Less


What does DNS stand for

1 Answers

Domain Name System


How do you deal with co-workers who aren't doing their job?

1 Answers

I would not know what my co-worker has been assigned to do, so it's a bit judgemental and presumptuous for me to think on those terms. If I knew the persons job was the same as mine and s/he was not performing it I'd wait till I was asked about co-worker performance before I spoke about it to management..and ask management to be more diligent about worker performance measurements. Less


some technical and general questions

1 Answers

up to the point and precise answers


OSI Model, Port numbers for UDP and TCP, AD, GPO, and Linux Directories.

1 Answers

I Mentioned each and explained the features in detail.


Transactional logging of Lotus Notes databases and how the Full vs incremental differ.

1 Answers

Full Database plus transactional logging grab most of all your data processed through that DB for the day. Incremental plus full BU will give you only what was recorded on the disk or the tape for that snapshot. Less

Varonis Systems

Q: What would be the email you would send to a client after your phone call?

1 Answers

I would address the issue at hand, what steps we took to fix it, attach any type of guide or further help if offered by the company (like a pamphlet or how to) and basically follow up. Less

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