Teacher Interview Questions in United States

Teacher Interview Questions in United States

In a teacher interview, employers may ask both content-area and general teaching questions. Employers are not only interested in your specific answers but also your communication skills and approachability. Be sure to prepare all necessary documents and review the school's mission statement prior to your interview.

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Top Teacher Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three teacher interview questions and how to answer them:

Question #1: How do you include students' parents or guardians in their education?

How to answer: Parents are an integral part of student success in school. This question allows the interviewer to understand how you communicate and foster productive relationships with parents. Your answer should prioritize the importance of the parent-teacher relationship in student success and explain how you plan to create a positive working relationship.

Question #2: How do you plan on incorporating technology in your classroom?

How to answer: Technology is a valuable tool in modern classrooms. Interviewers want to understand your comfort level with modern educational technology and your ability to incorporate it into your lesson plans. Discuss the technological tools you plan on using in the classroom, why you chose them, and how you will incorporate them into student lessons.

Question #3: How would you handle a disruptive student?

How to answer: This question is used to assess your classroom management philosophy and experience. Discuss your approach to positive student-teacher relationships and delineate the steps you would take to help a struggling student succeed. Share any previous success you have had in classroom management.

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Language Stars
Spanish Lead Teacher was asked...May 12, 2015

What would you do if a child misbehaves?

5 Answers

hit it

Redirect the child's attention.

Calmly and firmly explain the consequences if they don't behave and be positive about the good things. Less

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Is it important to you to be friends with your students?

3 Answers

This is a TRAP! The answer is NO. Exemple : "I have a very good relationship with my student and it is based on mutual respect. I represent the authority in the classroom. This does not mean that I can't listen to them, or communicate, give them advices and be accessible. But establishing friendship with my student would cross the line, and I would not do that". Less

There is a difference between being "friends" and being "friendly". I strive to be friendly to all people at all times and I believe this attitude helps build rapport between students and their teachers; however, I do not believe it is appropriate to establish friendships between students and teachers. Less

this answer sounds terrific. just wondering if it would add any value by stretching the reason for this clear distinction in terms of why this distinction is so important. any comments from HR specialists??? Less

Extended Day Services

If you were outside with your group of students and someone is injured, how would you respond?

3 Answers

I wouldn’t leave the injured child base on The ratios of students it should be another adult if not I’ll sent a leader to get the nearest adult for assistance Less

I would tend to the student's injury first. I would not leave the other students unsupervised, so I would definitely call in or call on the radio to someone in the building for assistance. However, the response could also vary depending on the situation. Less

I wouldn't want to leave the injured child alone, so I would call or radio in to someone inside the building to come assist or call for help - depending on what was appropriate/necessary. Less

Orange County School District

How would you handle it if you had a group of kids in line outside your classroom waiting to get to the next period and they were yelling and cursing and acting out (middle school in troubled neighborhood)?

3 Answers

I would tell them to please be respectful to their peers. Since I stand at the classroom door to welcome students as they enter the room, I would also remind them that their warm-up activity is on the board. Less

I’d tell those student in what light others see them whenever they start yelling, cursing, and/or acting out. If they ever want anyone to take themselves seriously, acting out, yelling, and cursing isn’t the way. Some will argue that they don’t care of what others think out them, but the problem is that they do care or else those specific students would be one of the most silent within the classroom. Less

I said that I would handle it in accordance with the policies of the school. I fumbled the question - I do not have any in class teaching experience. I did emphasize that I would try to show the kids respect and not let the situation get to that point. They were waiting for a 'magic' answer that I did not know and eventually I stopped riffing and we went to the next question. Less

Children's Learning Adventure

How do I view childcare and the learning environment?

3 Answers

I view it as an opportunity to teach each child in an individual manner in order to focus on their strengths while being in a group situation. An open and inviting classroom is prime for teachable moments! Less

Children are never to young to begin the learning experience.

The environment should be a warn and friendly one

New York City Department of Education

How do you integrate beginner language learners with advanced language learners in a small group setting?

3 Answers

I have the advanced language learner act as peer tutor.

i group them in small groups including one peer from advanced learner, so that everyone feel include and be willing to participate as a key maillon of the team. I also give multiple tasks to every team according to their level of understanding and i ask the advance learner to make sure he assist anyone in need when he is done with his task. When it is a team work , the team leader makes sure everyone gives his contribution either written on small boards or spoken. Less

in the beginning, I would take a general test to know the level of their knowledge in French language and then group them in small groups and according to their levels, preparing different educational short term plans for every group, different homework, and tests, at the same time I would keep a united harmony in my class to keep students to interact with each other during learning the language. and using advanced learners to help beginners to achieve better educational goals. Less

Orange County School District

What would your final grade be (for the year) for a child that scored averages of 18%, 68%, 70% and 72% (high school math)?

2 Answers

That student’s final grade would be and 57%. Of course I’d have to explain to them why because the student averaged 70% and 72% in two separate quarters, but the work separately of those quarters term averages doesn’t count towards the work of the other Less

I said that I would give them a C (70). They liked this answer. The by the book way to score this is to give the kid the average of all 4 quarters - and an F. I said that this would kill the spirit of the kid and the interest to learn. They followed up with "what if there was abuse in the home during Q1? a divorce? homelessness?" and a few others. "Would it matter if the kid was rich and drove to school in the BMW?" Less

Q: What is your classroom management style?

1 Answers

I want to provide a friendly classroom environment where the students feel inspired to create, know that their efforts will be noticed encouraged. The rules of the art room are clearly explained and monitored: the proper and consistent care of supplies and tools, the way to clean up after themselves, how to give a good critique of other's work. How to listen to instructions. Less

Issaquah School District

Also how do you communicate with parents and students but still make it so the student is independent and growing?

1 Answers

Communicate with parents and see if they believe their child is performing to their highest capability. Give them ways to encourage their child without completely doing all the work for them. Less

Orange County Public Schools (FL)

How do you differentiate instruction when working with ESE and English Language Learners? (similar)

1 Answers

I might provide extra instruction to them to make sure that they are getting the support that they need or I might have a teacher's assistant work alongside them in groups. Less

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