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Tell me a little about yourself?

1 Answer

I let them know I am family oriented as I have children and there wasn't a hint of "she'll put her family before work" vibe. The woman who interviewed me had young children and was very understanding pertaining to my scheduling!

What is your plan in the future?

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Discuss an instance in which you were involved in a conflict with a fellow employee and how you resolved it.

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“Why Should I hire you to take care of my guests instead of somebody else?"

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Interview was pretty straight forward, for the most part most difficult questions is why you left a job or why are you looking to work with them. Nothing fancy either.

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Why doesnt the district manager sit with the interviewee for all positions, not just management?

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None really. I got the feeling the interviewer was new at it, didn't know what to ask. She did ask what I liked about being a server and how I handled customer complaints.

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What were my long term goals ...

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