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Who determines user standards, you, the company, someone else?

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Usability standards are not established by a person or place, but it is what is adopted by the user community at large. It is difficult to change or establish new standards, but it is more important for usability to follow standards that are studied and identified by usability experts, such as Jakob Nielsen or Steve Krug.

My exercise was to redesign the Netflix homepage for desktop. The Global VP of Design at Spotify happens to be Rochelle King, formerly of Netflix. I thought that was clever.

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How do you deal with a group of twelve or more people who all have a different opinion about what looks good and what doesn't

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Describe what is your favorite object, explain why, and it cannot be an Apple product.

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Question from director: "... four people need to cross a bridge at night, there is only one flash light and only one person can walk on the bridge at a time. How do would you get them all across the bridge?"

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Someone on the team has a strong opinion about how a certain feature should be designed, but you disagree that it is a good user experience. How do you approach the situation?

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Given a linked list of characters, print the characters in reverse order.

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He asked me to explain how I would conduct a user experiment centered on using email. Things went well, but then he asked me how I would protect a user's content if they chose to use their personal email during the experiment. Since I've never worked in a scenario like that, I think I probably could have done better.

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How would you deal with a dataset that was too large to load into memory?

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Which part of UX do you most interested in? (or you want to work on)

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