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What is your experience with presenting to a group of people?

2 Answers

I find that sometimes you have to shout, especially if it is windy or noisy, and sometimes you have to hit people to get their attention, so bring a long thin stick with you.

Another dumb question designed for them to see your reaction. These are stress-interview style questions. You could answer "Well, I used to be able to see out of both eyes and I didn't have that limp I got now...."

The most observed theory in User Interface is the closest, largest elements are the most effective in design, with exception to what principal?

1 Answer

There were questions about my understanding of Web accessibility.

1 Answer

Asked to complete a design test

1 Answer

How do you approach accesibility?

1 Answer

If someone driving a Jeep gets a flat tire what does that look like?

1 Answer

Talk about a project that didn't go as expected.

1 Answer

Analyze this site, and tell me what you would change.

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If you had a design goal that required more technical information in order for you to continue, how would you proceed?

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