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What would do with a Facebook user who was having trouble with their account?

3 Answers

Was mostly just like some kind of customer service case interview. They're looking to see how you would problem-solve in a dynamic setting, given the possibility of interacting with these real people/users.

ask them whts d prob and then give ur suggestion on that..

Investigate about the problem being faced by the user and provide/assist in providing the best feasible solution.

What is the process you would go about in spotting a fake profile

2 Answers

Writing test: 1 Describe a feature of facebook that you like most.

1 Answer

If you were an animal what kind would you be and why?

1 Answer

How would you change facebook? How would you change the help center?

1 Answer

Tell me about your experience as a club leader at your school?

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What problems could FB face in international markets

1 Answer

Not a lot of technical questions were asked. The questions focused primary on your background/resume. The homework assignment required the candidate to formulate responses based on financial questions someone may submit to through email or the website.

What are the challenges of Facebook in international market?

The most difficult or unexpected thing was that they contact you right immediately leaving you no time to prepare, so before you apply take you're time to prepare and they apply. other than that this question was pretty difficult: An analyst at Facebook is conducting a satisfaction survey sampling from a list of 10,000 new users. The list includes 2,500 French users, 2,500 German users, 2,500 Italian users, and 2,500 Portuguese users. The analyst select a sample of 400 users, by randomly sampling 100 users of each country. is this an example of a simple random sample?

2 Answers
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